Inside Longyearbyen, the town where dying is ILLEGAL because it’s so cold corpses never rot… and scientists fear graveyards are still riddled with 1918 Spanish Flu outbreak virus

A FREEZING and remote town on a Norwegian island has banned dying over Spanish flu fears - because bodies never rot. Longyearbyen is a tiny coal-mining town of 2,000 residents in the remote Svalbard archipelago of Norway. It is the world’s most northern city and the ground is permanently frozen

Inside hidden nuclear cold war shelter in Inside nuclear cold war shelter hidden in York housing estate which could save us if Kim Jong-un attacks Britainwhich could save us if Kim attacks Britain

THESE incredible pictures show the inside of a nuclear bunker hidden in a Yorkshire housing estate once "preparing for Armageddon" during the Cold War. But now the underground nerve centre with blast-proof concrete doors could help protect us if Kim Jong-un nukes Britain. It comes after Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson warned

East Coast weather – it’s so cold in Florida the iguanas are freezing and falling from trees as deadly ‘bomb cyclone’ blasts America

IT'S now so cold in Florida shocked iguanas have started falling from the trees - after a giant "bomb cyclone" walloped the US. Temperatures plunged below 40F  (4.4C) overnight as the so-called Sunshine State witnessed its first snowfall in nearly three decades. And it's not just snowflakes which have been landing

Jack Maynard’s ex Danielle Sellers had awkward run-in with his brother Conor as they attend the same party days after relationship with shamed YouTuber endedHeidi Klum, Mary J Blige and Ciara join Ed Sheeran on the red carpet at Billboard Women In Music awardsTowie’s Pete Wicks rescues 170 dogs from Korean meat farm and is bringing home 13 of themDeclan Donnelly is in high spirits as he goes for dinner in Australia on a break from I'm A Celebrity filmingChloe Khan gets a parking ticket as she steps out in freezing cold wearing next to nothingMake-up free Sam Faiers shares sweet breastfeeding selfie with newborn daughter and son Paul JrBella Hadid strips to sexy red underwear to take an outdoor shower in latest update from the Love Advent CalendarMichael Strahan “pissed off’ over Giants’ Eli treatmentTom Brady feels for Eli Manning during “unfortunate’ situation

Eli Manning has a supporter in the quarterback he stole two Super Bowl championships from. Tom Brady reflected on the “unfortunate situation” that befell Manning this week, when he was told he was being forced aside so backup Geno Smith and rookie Davis Webb could get their shots leading