Democrat to run against GOP candidate who mocked Parkland students

LEWISTON, Maine — A Republican Maine House candidate now has an opponent after he used Twitter to attack two students who survived a shooting at a Florida high school, calling one of them a “skinhead lesbian” and the other a “bald-faced liar.”Democrat Eryn Gilchrist filed to run against Leslie Gibson

Flat Earth conspiracy theorists trolled by famous physicist on YouTube

Neil deGrasse Tyson is a world-renowned physicist who recently sat down to chat with Stephen Hawking about what took place before the Big Bang. Now he's taken aim at the Flat Earth conspiracy theory in a new interview on YouTube. Speaking on his StarTalk channel, he uses some pretty empirical

Pair of Texas church shooting deniers arrested

SUTHERLAND SPRINGS, Texas — Two people have been arrested after appearing at the Texas church where more than two dozen worshippers were gunned down and claiming the attack was staged.The pastor of First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, southeast of San Antonio, tells the San Antonio Express-News that the pair

GOP lawmaker suggests school shooting survivors are actors

A Pennsylvania lawmaker is being slammed on social media for suggesting the victims of last week’s deadly school shooting in Florida are crisis actors. “I enlisted in the U.S. Army at 17 years old. This morning I was working out and listening to the news about “students” being bused

Top video on YouTube accused shooting survivor of being actor

The top trending video on YouTube pushed a conspiracy theory that one of the survivors of the Florida school shooting was an actor and that the massacre was faked. The video, which has since been taken down, was titled “Confrontation Between Lifeguard, Bodysurfer Caught on Camera in Redondo Beach

Fans Are Freaking Out Over This Nutty Sam Smith-Adele Conspiracy Theory

Rumour has it that the British singers Adele and Sam Smith could be the same person, according to a nutty conspiracy theory that began circulating online this week. Twitter user @Jesse21Valona set the social media platform alight Monday when he shared this video of Adele’s 2015 hit “Hello” being played at a

Theresa May slaps down Brexit minister – but refuses to sack him

Theresa May slapped down rogue Brexit Minister Steve Baker yesterday – but refused to sack him. Leading Leave supporter Mr Baker was forced to apologise after fuelling unfounded claims the Treasury was trying to thwart Britain's EU exit. The row unfolded after he had told the Commons it was “essentially

Why the “Fake Melania’ conspiracy theories won’t die

Is this a case of a bogus FLOTUS? First Lady Melania Trump has been caught up in a nutty internet frenzy that makes the intrigue over the Russian conspiracy theories seem tame by comparison. Bizarre speculation about a Melania body double has taken off faster than you can say “fake news” thanks

Conspiracy theorists: Eclipse is bad news for the world, Trump

Conspiracy theorists are warning the “Eclipse of the Century” Monday could mean the end of the world as we know it — or, at the very least, Donald Trump’s presidency. Author David Meade, who penned “Planet X – The 2017 Arrival,” claims the total solar eclipse is the catalyst for an

Trump retweets alt-right troll following Charlottesville rally

Only hours after finally comdemning racists, President Trump on Monday night retweeted a post by an infamous alt-right provocateur with ties to white nationalist Richard Spencer. “Meanwhile: 39 shootings in Chicago this weekend, 9 deaths. No national media outrage. Why is that?” read the tweet from provocateur Jack Posobiec. Posobiec has been

NASA clarifies: We don’t have child sex slaves on Mars

Humans believe a lot of outlandish things. The idea that NASA is sending children to be sex slaves on Mars might be one of the wildest. On Thursday, a guest on InfoWars claimed that NASA had kidnapped kids and sent them to the red planet to be sex slaves. “There are no