Why we “forget’ child labor made our jeans, but brag about our organic lunch

A firm moral compass is great, but a selective memory will do. Consumers demonstrate a willfully ignorant memory after learning products they like were unethically made, according to new research published in the Journal of Consumer Research. In an effort to “avoid emotionally difficult ethical information” like the use of child

Consumers prefer software updates over buying new phones

Fix up that old jalopy or add some new features instead of going to the considerable expense of buying a new car. That is the same philosophy many folks are taking toward their cellphones today, according to industry analysts. The average smartphone is typically more than two years old

Americans are spending less on Christmas gifts this year: poll

Maybe this isn’t the year to get that pricey new car or take that expensive cruise. Maybe it is time for a lot less stress by spending a lot less on the holidays. That’s what several polls are finding after asking people about their holiday shopping plans. Smaller gifts will

Economy grows at fastest pace in more than two years

The US economy expanded at the fastest pace in more than two years, the government reported on Wednesday, spurred on by an uptick in spending from consumers and investment from business. The positive report comes on the heels of the government releasing its August report on unemployment. Analysts expect that the

The latest overpriced wellness trend: a good night’s sleep

NEW YORK — Pillows that track your snoozing patterns? A bed that adjusts based on how much you twist and turn? Companies are adding more technology into their products, hoping to lure customers craving a better night’s sleep. Some specialized businesses are making gadgets that promise to measure and improve the

Fidget spinners land on list of most dangerous toys for kids

BOSTON — The wildly popular fidget spinners that seem to be in the hands of the half the children in the U.S. are also potentially dangerous, a consumer watchdog group warned Wednesday. The small plastic and metal spinners, already banned in many schools because they distract students, can fall apart, and