Teen threatens to kill nail salon worker over “sparkle manicure’

The claws were out! A teen girl went berserk after she was unhappy with her “sparkle manicure” at a lower Manhattan salon Thursday — threatening to kill an employee and hurling bottles on the floor, according to staff. “The girl threw everything and she is crazy,” said Sam Loam, 50, manager of

Walmart’s creepy plan to detect unhappy customers

The days of being able to unhappily make your way through a Walmart with limited human interaction may soon be coming to an end. The retail giant is said to be developing facial recognition software designed to identify shoppers in checkout lines who appear to be unhappy or even angry.

Hair salon, customer embroiled in ugly dispute

What happened to just posting a bad Yelp review? A woman who had a bad hair day at a Park Slope salon took her revenge by plastering fliers around the neighborhood accusing the shop’s owner of child abuse, the business owner says. “My business is being ruined!” Mary Brescia, owner of the