Care home provides pole dancers to keep its elderly residents entertained

A care home is in hot water after it emerged staff were providing POLE DANCERS as entertainment for its elderly residents. Around 30 pensioners, both male and female, were given the 'inappropriate' activity usually associated with lap dancing clubs. Bosses at the Fairmile Grange home in Christchurch, Dorset, defended the

Crossing Souls Review: Feeds our nostalgic obsession

If you were alive in the 1980s — or, like me, love 80s movies — then you’ll appreciate this action-adventure game chock full of retro favourites. Crossing Souls feeds into our nostalgic obsession with the decade by taking its cue, like so many others, from films like The Goonies,

Largest T-Rex ever is moving museums

View Slideshow FacebookTwitterGoogleFacebook MessengerWhatsAppEmailCopy CHICAGO — The largest Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton ever found is on the move. Chicago’s Field Museum began dismantling the skeleton named Sue on Monday. Crews are preparing to move the display to a new exhibit and bring in a cast of an even larger dinosaur. Sue has been

Universal announces Jurassic World arena tour

For all those scenes of dinosaurs devouring hapless humans, it seems the Jurassic Park franchise has failed to dissuade viewers that a dinosaur-filled amusement park would be really cool. In 2019, fans will be able to visit the next best thing: animatronic dinosaurs in a Jurassic World arena

Scientists discover bird-like dinosaur with ‘rainbow’ feathers

WASHINGTON — There’s not a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. There’s an iridescent dinosaur. Scientists on Monday announced the discovery of a crow-size, bird-like dinosaur with colorful feathers from northeastern China that lived 161 million years ago during the Jurassic Period. They named it Caihong, the

Vandals destroy dinosaur footprint at national park

It’s a crime of prehistoric proportions. Brazen vandals chipped away at a 115-million-year old dinosaur footprint in an Australian national park, officials said Wednesday. “It looked like somebody had taken to it with either a hammer or a rock, and had broken off sections of the toes,” Victoria Parks ranger

Ancient ticks found full of dinosaur blood

Researchers working with ancient amber thought to be nearly 100 million years old have discovered something that sounds like the beginning of a new chapter in the Jurassic Park franchise: a host of ticks which appear to have feasted on dinosaur blood. The ticks, which have been identified

Fossilized poop reveals dinosaurs had really diverse diets

Newly discovered petrified poop reveals that some dinosaurs – previously believed to have been strict vegetarians – actually munched on shellfish and rotten wood. Scientists discovered that the hadrosaurs, or duckbilled dinosaurs, may have had a much more diverse diet than just feasting on plants, according to Live Science. They found mounds

Colossal dinosaur-eating crocodile discovered in Texas

A giant, 20-foot long crocodile from the Cretaceous Period has been discovered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. Dubbed the Deltasuchus motherali, the ancient beast was discovered by a local teenager, Austin Motheral. Motheral worked with paleontoligists from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, who spent a decade excavating the

Rare triceratops fossil found at Colorado construction site

Construction workers building a new police and fire station in Colorado made a “dino”-mite discovery last week: the skull and bones of a triceratops. The rare find — made on Friday by crews working at the East 132nd Avenue and Quebec Street site in Thorton, just north of Denver – is

Scientists name nasty prehistoric croc after late Motörhead frontman

LONDON — Scientists have named a prehistoric crocodile described as “one of the nastiest sea creatures to have ever inhabited the earth” after late Motörhead frontman and British heavy metal icon Lemmy Kilmister. London’s Natural History Museum says the fossil of what’s now known as Lemmysuchus obtusidens was dug up in

Vandals behead dinosaur models in museum

Stunned children discovered three beheaded model dinosaurs at Australia’s National Dinosaur Museum. Sky News reports that children found the damage to the velociraptor models at the Canberra museum on Aug. 6. Australian police say that the models were vandalized on the night of Aug. 5. “A review of the CCTV shows that

Scientists grumpy about Apple’s new T-Rex emoji

As if being extinct for 65 million years wasn’t bad enough. Apple’s new Tyrannosaurus rex emoji has more than a couple scientific imprecisions – and scientists are not happy about it. The dino might be cute but according to Thomas Carr, a vertebrate paleontologist at Wisconsin’s Carthage College, it’s basically just a

Jurassic Park brilliantly meets 90s TV show Dinosaurs

Jurassic Park has been reimagined in such a genius way, we can't believe no one has thought of it before. Twitter user Jen Lewis has taken Steven Spielberg's classic and merged it with Disney and Jim Henson's '90s TV show Dinosaurs, meaning that you'll never look at the T-Rex