Scientists can measure IQ by 'testing saliva and studying our DNA'

Researchers have identified 538 genes that can influence how clever people are — and say they can be obtained using a simple mouth swab. But it comes a day after football pundit Jamie Carragher, 40, showed an absence of intelligence by spitting in a girl of 14’s face. The researchers used data

Warren’s ‘Native American’ problem is only going to get worse

If you had any doubt that Sen. Elizabeth Warren has her eye on the White House, it was dispelled this past weekend when she showed up on the Sunday morning talk shows to say she wasn’t running for president.By issuing a deliberately non-Shermanesque denial, Warren signaled her strong interest in

Man wrongfully convicted for rape, murder sues city

A man who served nearly 30 years in prison for a rape and murder he didn’t commit was exonerated by new DNA evidence — and is now suing the city. Clifford Jones, of the Bronx, was accused of raping a woman in an Upper West Side apartment, and then

Scientists clone primates for the first time

For the first time, researchers have used the cloning method that produced Dolly the sheep to create two healthy monkeys, bringing science an important step closer to being able to do the same with humans. Since Dolly’s birth in 1996, scientists have cloned nearly two dozen kinds of mammals,

Scientists might bring the Tasmanian Tiger back from extinction

Earth lost a truly unique species when Benjamin, the last known thylacine — commonly called the Tasmanian tiger — died in captivity in early September of 1936. Despite an impressive number of alleged sightings of the animal in the years since no actual documented examples of the species

‘Uptown’ and ‘downtown’ rats are actually different

“Uptown” rats are genetically different than “downtown” rats — and there’s also a distinction between “West Village” and “East Village” rats, a Fordham University grad student has discovered. Matthew Combs and his team spent two years studying the DNA sequencing of local rodents and discovered that they have a

Petition demands DNA kit companies keep genetic data private

A day after Sen. Chuck Schumer demanded federal oversight on DNA kit companies that resell customer’s data, a social network petition urging the data also be kept from cops gathered steam. “Genetic testing companies should respect the privacy of their paying customers and refuse to give police unfettered access

Schumer warns DNA-home tests could be gathering personal info

A DNA testing kit might sound like a fun holiday gift to share with a loved one, but Sen. Chuck Schumer says it might be dangerous to give companies that market them access to your genetic codes. Schumer said it’s unclear what companies like AncestryDNA, My Heritage and 23andMe

Gene editing just became even more powerful

WASHINGTON — Scientists are altering a powerful gene-editing technology in hopes of one day fighting diseases without making permanent changes to people’s DNA. The trick: Edit RNA instead, the messenger that carries a gene’s instructions. “If you edit RNA, you can have a reversible therapy,” important in case of side effects, said