Town softens signs to ban out-of-town motorists

A New Jersey town that’s instituted a rush-hour side-street ban on out-of-town motorists is changing its “overly foreboding” traffic signs — to friendlier ones. New “Residents and Leonia Destinations Only” will replace red “Do Not Enter” signs along 60 side streets in Leonia, which instituted the ban to stop non-residents

Town walks back rush-hour ban on nonresident drivers

The New Jersey town of Leonia is backing down from its blanket rush-hour side-street ban on out-of-town motorists, officials said Wednesday. In January, the hamlet of 9,000 citizens implemented the prohibition on the thousands of drivers who, guided by cellphone traffic apps, were choking side streets to avoid jams

Another NJ town is targeting nonresident drivers

New Jersey’s crackdown on out-of-town motorists is spreading. A second town in the state, Weehawken, in Hudson County, has changed its traffic pattern as a way to mitigate congestion in the area. Under the new rule that went into effect Tuesday, non-residents of the town, along with Hoboken and Union

Uber to ban drivers from working over 12 hours straight

Uber drivers nationwide who work for 12 hours straight will find themselves digitally blacked out from accepting any more rides for the next six hours, the company announced on Monday. The move is meant to prevent dangerous “drowsy driving,” company officials said. “While nearly 60 percent of U.S. drivers use

Watching The Fast and the Furious ’makes speeders drive even quicker’

MORE drivers were clocked excessively speeding after watching The Fast and the Furious, a study claims. The number of drivers caught near cinemas doing more than 40mph above the limit doubled, with boffins blaming their reaction to watching the popular franchise about illegal street racing. Experts say the research, carried

Zero tickets issued on day one of nonresident driver ban

Cops in Leonia did not issue a single fine to commuters who used the town as a shortcut to the George Washington Bridge on Monday — on what was supposed to be the first day of enforcement. “We have not issued any tickets,” Mayor Judah Zeigler told The Post,

Residents full of glee after town’s traffic law goes into effect

They’ve got their town back. Residents of Leonia, NJ, were dancing in the congestion-free streets Tuesday thanks to a rush-hour ban on out-of-town motorists. A new local law “has proven to be good,” said Rick Pumo, 73, who has lived in Leonia since 1950. see also “I could remember having relatives from

Town’s plan to ban non-resident drivers looks destined for court

Thousands of New Jersey drivers had the perfect way to shave time off their nightmare commute into the city — until the town they were using for the shortcut applied the brakes. Tree-lined Leonia, in Bergen County, took the drastic step Monday of banning out-of-town motorists from its side

Do not use this town as a shortcut into NYC

A New Jersey town has banned out-of-town motorists during rush hour to prevent them from clogging its roads while using the enclave as a shortcut to the George Washington Bridge with the use of GPS navigation apps. New traffic laws went into effect Monday in the Bergen County borough

Driver killed Helena Thurm in Timperley

THE distraught dad of a young woman killed in an amber traffic light “gamble” has today appealed to drivers to “think twice” before skipping lights. IT manager Glen Wall was rushing home in his Vauxhall Astra to make it to a family BBQ but failed to brake as he

World’s second-youngest billionaire, 22, fined £23,000 for drink driving – but it could have been £3.7MILLION as country’s ultra-strict penalties are based on income

A 22-YEAR-OLD Norwegian student has been handed a £23,000 fine for drink driving - but it could have been even worse. Katharina Andresen, reportedly Norway's richest woman with a fortune estimated by Forbes at $1.23billion, was convicted of the offence this week. Because fines for drink driving are based on

Man sues to keep ‘GRABHER’ vanity plate

A Canadian man whose vanity license plate “GRABHER” was revoked by authorities for being “inappropriate” is suing for the right to keep driving through town with it. Lorne Grabher, a retiree in Nova Scotia, said his namesake plate has been on family vehicles for 27 years until the province

Man busted letting 11-year-old nephew be designated driver

A man in southern California was arrested Sunday after allegedly allowing his 11-year-old nephew to drive his car while he was drunk and passed out in the passenger seat. Police pulled the car over after noticing several traffic violations as well as the fact that a kid was driving, the Port

3 officers injured by motorcycle in hit-and-run

UNION CITY, N.J. — Three police officers in New Jersey have been injured in a hit-and-run while investigating an earlier crash. Authorities say the officers were struck by at least one motorcycle Wednesday night in Union City. It happened while the officers were investigating a crash involving a teenage bicyclist who

Uber driver stabbed in alleged road rage incident

An Uber driver was stabbed in an apparent road rage incident in Midtown on Thursday afternoon, witnesses said. The stabbing happened in front of 135 W. 50th St. around 3:45 p.m., authorities said. The victim, who was driving a silver SUV with an Uber sticker in the windshield, was stabbed in the

Meet the Saudi woman who fought for womens’ right to drive

For nearly 30 years, women in Saudi Arabia have been jailed, harassed and threatened — all for demanding the right to drive. King Salman bin Abdulaziz’s historic decree allowing women to take the wheel starting in June 2018, brings to a close a human-rights campaign led by one fearless activist. Six years