Celebrity Big Brother fans urge Channel 5 to drop drones

Celebrity Big Brother fans are not impressed with the use of drones on the show [WENN] Celebrity Big Brother fans have noticed that the episodes have featured a lot of drone shots since launch night. Throughout the episodes on Channel 5, drone sequences appear – with a camera attached filming

Blood delivered by drone is saving lives in Rwanda

Drones might be causing privacy concerns in the United States and Europe, but in the East African country of Rwanda, they are a welcome sight in the skies. Through a partnership between drone startup Zipline and the Rwandan health ministry, drone-powered medical supply deliveries are ramping up, and

Couple charged with using drone to deliver drugs

A California couple were charged on Tuesday after they allegedly used a drone to deliver drugs to customers while a 9-year-old girl lived in their drug-littered home, police said. The pair, Benjamin Paul Baldassarre, 39, and Ashley Lauren Carroll, 31, were charged with possession of controlled substances for sale,

Drones dispatched for the first time in Los Angeles wildfire fight

The Los Angeles Fire Department now has an eye in the sky to help monitor the flames tearing through parts of Southern California, officials said. In a video post by the department on Thursday, the drones were launched for the first time “in an operational environment,” heading to an

Annoying office drone forces overworked employees to knock off at night

A Japanese company has created a torturous new device to force overworked employees out of the office at night — a drone that buzzes around blaring “Auld Lang Syne.” The “T-Frend” drone, unveiled Thursday, is designed to combat the country’s culture of working notoriously long hours, the Japan Times

New Jersey looks to make ‘drunken-droning’ a crime

TRENTON, N.J. — State lawmakers on Thursday passed legislation that would bar people from operating drones while drunk. The National Conference on State Legislatures says at least 38 states are considering drone legislation this year, going beyond the Federal Aviation Administration’s regulations. The New Jersey bill would make operating a

Delivery robots may soon need permits

SAN FRANCISCO — Delivery robots in San Francisco will need permits before they can roam city sidewalks under legislation approved by city supervisors. San Francisco has struggled to regulate hometown startups that grew too popular, including short-term vacation rental platform Airbnb and ride-hailing service Uber. Supervisor Norman Yee proposed an

Drones are more damaging to planes than bird strikes

Drones that collide with planes cause more damage than birds of the same size because of their solid parts such as motors and batteries. That’s according to a study released by the Federal Aviation Administration on Tuesday. The report’s researchers say aircraft-manufacturing standards designed for bird strikes aren’t appropriate for

Drone pilot dropped anti-media propaganda over NFL stadiums: cops

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — A Northern California man accused of flying a drone over two NFL games this weekend and dropping political leaflets has been arrested in a case that raised concerns about security at professional sports events, police said Monday. Federal and local laws prohibit flying drones near

DHS warns of terror threats using drones, chemicals and planes

The Department of Homeland Security has released an updated terror bulletin that highlights the threat of weaponized drones, chemical attacks and the continued targeting of commercial planes. “We continue to face one of the most challenging threat environments since 9/11, as foreign terrorist organizations exploit the internet to inspire,

North Korea crisis will revolutionise US warfare – with cutting edge Lightning Strike drones, laser rifles and mini-nukes blitzing the enemy

MILITARY leaders in the US will showcase never-before-seen battlefield weapons during any future conflicts with North Korea. Technology experts within the Pentagon have invested billions on dozens of new state-of-the art combat machines which will send Kim Jong-un scurrying to the hills for cover. In the vanguard of any attack will

Drone hits passenger plane for first time in North America

A drone collided with a commercial aircraft in Canada last week — the first time such a crash has happened in North America, transportation officials said. Canadian Transport Minister Marc Garneau confirmed Thursday’s crash near the Jean Lesage International Airport in Quebec City in a statement on Sunday, saying he was

Parents warned of drone trying to lure kids away from playground

A drone in Ohio is reportedly attempting to lure young children away from an elementary school playground — and towards an unknown destination. The drone was first spotted by a neighbor near the Windemere Community Learning Center, Mark Williamson, director of marketing communications at Akron Public Schools, told Fox News on

Civilian drone crashes into Army helicopter

It was nearly Black Hawk down over Staten Island — when an Army chopper was struck by an illegally flying drone over a residential neighborhood, authorities said Friday. The UA60 helicopter was flying 500 feet over Midland Beach alongside another Black Hawk, when the drone struck the chopper at around 8:15

Australia to use AI drones to protect beachgoers from sharks

Drones are harnessing artificial intelligence to detect sharks approaching Australian beaches. Starting next month, Little Ripper drones will be able to monitor sharks in real-time with approximately 90 percent accuracy. By contrast, humans are only about 20 to 30 percent accurate when spotting sharks. “It’s not about replacing human beings all together,

A drone could one day deliver your morning-after pill

An online pharmacy is planning to deliver Viagra and the morning-after pill by drone after successful trials in the UK. MedExpress is in talks with watchdog the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency to dispatch the medicines nationwide. The company said the deliveries will be useful for people living in remote areas

Man charged for using drone to smuggle 13 pounds of drugs from Mexico

SAN DIEGO — A 25-year-old U.S. citizen has been charged with using a drone to smuggle more than 13 pounds of methamphetamine from Mexico by drone, an unusually large seizure for what is still a novel technique to bring illegal drugs into the United States, authorities said Friday. Jorge Edwin Rivera

3 arrested after drone drops cellphone, drugs into prison yard

IONIA, Mich. — Michigan prison officials say three people have been arrested after trying to use a drone to smuggle a cellphone and drugs into a prison. Michigan Department of Corrections says two guards at the Richard A. Handlon Correctional Facility in the western Michigan city of Ionia heard the drone

Unmanned drone spotted two miles from Newark Airport

An unmanned drone was spotted flying about 2 miles from Newark Airport around noon Sunday, according to a complaint by the crew of United Flt. 135. After spotting the drone hovering in its air space over New Jersey, the crew called ground control, the FAA said. “See about a quarter mile to

The robot invasion has begun in the grocery aisle

A family-owned grocery chain in the Midwest is set to test an aisle-roving robot, joining technology-savvy retail behemoths like Amazon and Walmart. The robot, named Tally, will begin scanning store aisles at three St. Louis-area Schnucks grocery stores in a six-week pilot program starting on Monday. The robot will check aisles

Amazon wants to use delivery drones to stalk your house

A new patent reveals Amazon has big plans for its new delivery drones. They’re going to be snoops — taking careful note of what they see to “target” yet more advertising. Amazon’s ambition to build a worldwide fleet of autonomous artificial-intelligence delivery drones is well known. To do this job effectively the

Inmate captured after using drone to escape from prison

A convict serving a life term busted out of a maximum security prison in South Carolina using wire cutters that authorities believe were flown in by an accomplice piloting a drone. Jim Causey’s elaborate escape kit also included a cellphone to coordinate the “air mail’’ delivery, as well as a dummy

Drone crashes through window of fancy Soho boutique

A drone crashed through the window of a fancy Soho boutique Tuesday night, police said. The remote-controlled flying device smashed through the glass and landed inside the Kate Spade shop on Broome St. near Mercer St. around 8:30 p.m. The store was closed at the time and no one was injured, police