Doctor drugged by strippers off the hook for $135K Scores bill

A prominent cardiologist who would get his heart racing playing doctor with strippers at Scores is off the hook for the $135,000 tab he racked up there, a Manhattan judge has ruled. New Jersey Dr. Zyad Younan, 44, was the victim of “criminal conduct” — drugged by four strippers

Nearly a dozen arrested in heroin, fentanyl bust

Eleven members of an Albanian drug ring were arrested in a heroin and fentanyl bust in Staten Island on Wednesday morning, Drug Enforcement Administration officials said. The crew, which authorities say has been operating since 2015, scored the drugs from a supplier in Brooklyn and resold them in Staten

Mom accused of mailing drugs to inmate son

GEORGETOWN, Del. — A Maryland woman is accused of mailing a shipment of drugs to her son, an inmate at a Delaware prison. Department of Corrections spokeswoman Jayme Gravell said in a statement Tuesday that investigators learned in late December that a shipment of contraband was expected to arrive

International cocaine ring hid drugs in fresh pineapples: cops

LISBON – Police in Portugal and Spain said they seized hundreds of kilograms of cocaine hidden inside fresh pineapples, and arrested nine members of a gang that had transported the drug from South America. The seizure, from shipping containers, was part of an ongoing investigation across both countries that

Cuomo assembling panel to study pot legalization

Gov. Cuomo plans to appoint a panel to study the legalization of marijuana, sources said Tuesday. The announcement is expected as part of the governor’s budget address in Albany. Cuomo said last year that he was opposed to legalizing pot for recreational use, calling it a “gateway drug.” But Republican gubernatorial

Pot peddlers are declaring war on booze

Marijuana boosters have declared war on booze. The number of billboards and other advertisements aimed at converting drinkers into tokers or nibblers (of edible marijuana) has exploded over the past several years. With California on Jan. 1 becoming the eighth state to legalize the recreational use of weed, the rhetoric

Fireman busted for selling drug purchased on dark web heads to rehab

That’s why they call it dope. A city firefighter accused of trafficking potent drugs tried so hard to dodge photographers outside court Sunday that he walked right into a light pole. Disgraced Bravest Anthony Murino, who appeared zombie-like in court minutes earlier, is now headed to rehab — on the

Meth lab explodes with child inside; 2 women arrested: cops

Two women were arrested after a methamphetamine lab in a Texas apartment exploded while a child was in the home, causing several windows to be blown out during a blast residents described as a bomb going off. Nancy Cruz-Rodriguez, 39, and Odalys Corrales, 18, were arrested and charged with

Fireman busted for selling fentanyl he bought off the darknet

A firefighter was arrested at his Staten Island home Friday night for allegedly trafficking fentanyl that he bought off the darknet, sources said. Anthony Marino, 45, was busted after an investigation led by the United States Postal Inspection Service, according to law enforcement sources. The Department of Homeland Security and

Tanning salon owner was secret cocaine kingpin

A tanning shop boss lived a double life as a drugs kingpin who ran a huge cocaine racket from her town center salon. Leanne Duffin lured young people into addiction and then forced them to become drug dealers to repay their debts. The calculating 31-year-old used the Cosmopolitan Tanning Salon

$22M in cocaine hidden in furniture seized by customs

PHILADELPHIA — Federal customs officials in Philadelphia say they recently discovered more than 700 pounds of cocaine hidden inside bedroom furniture and kitchen cabinets that were shipped from Puerto Rico, making it the area’s largest illicit drug bust in a decade. The drugs, which had a street value of

Schumer wants ‘armor’ to stop opioid from coming into NYC

Senator Chuck Schumer urged the president to sign a bill aimed at stopping the flow of fentanyl into JFK using high-tech detection machines Sunday. The “Interdict” act would give US Customs and Border Protection new, state of the art tools and manpower to detect the deadly opiod smuggled into

Loads of cash, weed found in van bound for NYC

Port Authority cops seized more than $100,000 cash from an unregistered van that reeked of marijuana as it headed toward the Holland Tunnel, authorities said Thursday. Bentley Cumberbatch, 41, of Brooklyn was driving a green van with two other men inside when he pulled up to the tunnel toll

Book details tech bros’ drug-fueled sex parties in Silicon Valley

Clusters of naked bodies writhed in every room of the sumptuous mansion. Some had brought their wives and husbands for the prospect of bedding new flesh together. Most were fueled by the pills or bags of white powder that had been handed out after a three-course feast. As corporate networking events

Recreational marijuana is officially legal in California

LOS ANGELES — The arrival of the new year in California brought with it broad legalization of marijuana, a much-anticipated change that comes two decades after the state was the first to allow pot for medical use. The nation’s most populous state joins a growing list of other states,

The Wall Street epidemic being kept behind closed doors

While the opioid epidemic ravages rural America, Wall Street is not immune to its scourge. More On: opioids Lawmakers want to subsidize firms that hire recovering opioid addicts US life expectancy's troubling trend continues Opioid prescriptions run in the family Gas station hopes to deter drug use with new lighting scheme In fact, given its

Off-duty cop busted with drugs and needle

An off-duty NYPD detective was busted after he was caught with drugs and paraphernalia, authorities said. Cops pulled over Timothy O’Brien’s car on Thursday just before 2:30 p.m. in lower Manhattan, where they discovered a hypodermic needle and two bags of what appeared to be heroin inside his sweatshirt

Couple charged with using drone to deliver drugs

A California couple were charged on Tuesday after they allegedly used a drone to deliver drugs to customers while a 9-year-old girl lived in their drug-littered home, police said. The pair, Benjamin Paul Baldassarre, 39, and Ashley Lauren Carroll, 31, were charged with possession of controlled substances for sale,

Duterte’s son quits post after daughter alleges abuse

The eldest son of Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte quit his post as vice mayor of Davao after a social media spat with his teen daughter, who hinted that he had beaten her, according to a report. Paolo Duterte, 42, quit his job on Christmas, just days after his daughter