How Huma told Hillary reopened FBI probe was Weiner’s fault

Huma Abedin broke down in tears in front of her boss, Hillary Clinton, when she learned that her sext-happy husband Anthony Weiner’s computer was the reason the FBI reopened its probe into Clinton’s e-mails so close to the 2016 election, according to a new report.“He is going to kill me,”

Hope Hicks told House Intelligence Committee her email was hacked

Hope Hicks told members of the House Intelligence Committee last week that one of her email accounts was hacked, it was reported Wednesday.President Trump’s former communications director was testifying in the committee’s Russia probe when she said she no longer has access to the email account, NBC News said.Hicks said

Disgraced FBI agent drafted letter about reopening Clinton probe

The FBI agent removed from the special counsel’s probe for sending anti-Trump text messages also reportedly played a key role in disrupting Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Peter Strzok — who has been slammed by Republicans for allegedly being sympathetic to Clinton — co-wrote the first draft of ex-FBI director

Russian hackers targeted hundreds of journalists around the world

PARIS — Russian television anchor Pavel Lobkov was in the studio getting ready for his show when jarring news flashed across his phone: Some of his most intimate messages had just been published to the web. Days earlier, the veteran journalist had come out live on air as HIV-positive,

Trump team tries to get thousands of emails back from Mueller

WASHINGTON – President Trump’s transition team plan to request back “many tens of thousands” of emails from Special Counsel Robert Mue​ller they believe were unlawfully obtained during the ongoing probe​ of Russian involvement ion the 2016 election​, according an Axios report Sunday. The transition team, which operated between Trump’s

Teacher’s seemingly hacked email sends racist message

MERIDEN, Conn. — State police are investigating after a racist email was sent to students at a Connecticut high school. Police say the email came from a teacher’s account at Wilcox Technical High School in Meriden that appeared to have been hacked around 2:17 p.m. Monday. A state Department of Education spokeswoman

White House launches probe into private email accounts

The White House has reportedly launched an investigation into their own employees for using private emails accounts for official business. The probe began this week after it was revealed that President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and others had used private email while working in the executive branch, according to Politico. The White

Jared Kushner’s lawyer tricked by email prankster twice in one week

Jared Kushner’s high-powered DC lawyer Abbe Lowell has been duped for the second time this week by an e-mail prankster posing as President Trump’s son-in-law adviser. On Monday, Lowell responded to a fake Kushner missive regarding “adult content” in e-mails allegedly shared with White House officials, Business Insider reported. Lowell told “Kushner”

At least 6 Trump staffers used private email for White House business

At least six top aides to President Trump have reportedly used private email accounts for White House business, a report said Monday. The revelation was son-in-law Jared Kushner, ex-strategist Steve Bannon, and former chief of staff Reince Priebus — have used private emails while working in the White House. Aides Gary D.

De Blasio-tied p.r. firm cashed in after pitch to City Hall: emails

One of Mayor de Blasio’s favorite p.r. firms — whose principals have acted as his private advisers — pitched a top city official on behalf of a client that has since landed more than $6 million in city contracts, newly released City Hall e-mails show. The communications came in April 2015

Rivals attack de Blasio over nasty emails to staffers

Mayor de Blasio’s rivals hit him hard Sunday over condescending emails he sent to staffers criticizing their efforts to assist him. Republican mayoral candidate Nicole Malliotakis said she was “disappointed” with the tone of the emails, adding “it’s important to treat people respectfully, especially when they’re putting in hours and sacrificing

UFT director sends scathing emails with typo to secretary

If only teachers union brass could spell as well as they scrap. United Federation of Teachers Director of Staff Ellie Engler blasted union Secretary Howard Schoor for his “deviceiveness” — a badly botched spelling of “divisiveness” — in a pair of scathing e-mails obtained by The Post. “I had a disturbing meeting

Trump: Don Jr.’s Russia scandal is just fake news

President Trump insisted on Sunday that voters have his back and there was “no Russian collusion in our winning campaign” in the wake of son Donald Trump Jr.’s admission to seeking Kremlin-dug political dirt. A new ABC News/Washington Post poll revealed Sunday that a mere 36 percent of Americans approved of

Is this notice junk mail or a cyberattack?

Dear John: I received a notice a few days ago from an auto service company, and it says my vehicle’s contract needs to be updated. I never had a car. Or credit cards or bank cards. No computer or TV. No telephone, Facebook account, etc., etc. But I am a member of

Russian oligarch thinks Trump Jr.’s emails are fake news

The Russian oligarch alleged to have offered dirt on Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump Jr. is jumping on the “fake news” bandwagon — claiming, bizarrely, that the emails at the center of the scandal are probably fabricated. “I think it’s some kind of fabrication. I don’t know who’s making this stuff

Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman falls for email prank

The Wall Street email prankster has struck again. Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman is the latest bank boss to get fooled by a UK-based email hoaxster, whose previous dupes have included Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein and Barclays boss Jes Staley. In his latest attack, the prankster posed as Morgan Stanley director