JetBlue flight makes emergency landing at JFK after bird strike

A Las Vegas-bound flight out of Boston made an emergency landing at JFK Airport on Monday night after striking several birds during takeoff, sources said. The plane was not able to land in Beantown on account of bad weather, so pilots were forced to keep chugging along to the Big Apple,

Plane bound for NY forced to return after bird strike

A Japan Airlines plane bound for New York has returned safely to a Tokyo airport after the pilot reported a bird strike to an engine during takeoff. Television footage showed red flame flickering from the left engine as the plane ascended from the runway. JAL said the Boeing 777 carrying 233 passengers

Air Force pilot pulls off emergency landing with no wheels

DeVries, a pilot with the 107th Fighter Squadron of the Michigan Air National Guard, was exposed to winds approaching 350 miles per hour, officials said. The Air Force captain lowered the seat as far as it could go to offer protection from the air around him. The blown canopy had damaged

JetBlue plane makes emergency landing at JFK airport

A JetBlue plane headed from JFK to Buffalo had to return to the airport for an emergency landing Tuesday morning, FAA officials said. The Embraer 190 had just taken off at 6:48 a.m. when the plane’s crew noticed the cockpit was filling up with some kind of fumes. The pilots immediately turned

JetBlue plane makes emergency landing when cockpit fills with smoke

A smoke-filled cockpit in a JetBlue flight from Westchester County to Fort Lauderdale forced the plane to make an emergency landing in South Carolina on Friday. Flight 913 from White Plains, NY, diverted to Charleston International Airport, where the 98 passengers evacuated the aircraft using emergency slides about 10:30 a.m., Charleston’s