Shocking video reveals just how polluted our oceans are

This shocking footage shows a British diver swimming through swathes of plastic rubbish off the coast of Bali.Richard Horner, 45, captured the dramatic images to highlight the ongoing threat of ocean pollution across the globe.He filmed himself swimming through the deluge of wrappers and bags alongside sea life off the

Maersk Line says four missing after container vessel catches fire

(Reuters) - Maersk Line, the world’s biggest container shipper, said on Wednesday four crew members were missing after one of its container vessels caught fire in the Arabian sea, while 23 crew members were safely evacuated. Maersk Line said the crew of the vessel Maersk Honam sent out a distress

World's first REUSABLE tampon applicator uses 'self-cleaning technology' and is designed to save the environment – but would you use it?

And now there's a new and environmentally-friendly sanitary option on the block, as the world's first reusable tampon applicator was unveiled this week. UK-based organic tampon company DAME created the product, simply known as D, to help women enjoy the comfort of an applicator without the plastic waste. It uses "revolutionary" self-cleaning technology

EU environment plan ’putting 20,000 defence jobs at risk’

BRITAIN risks losing £5billion worth of defence contracts to France amid a looming EU trade war. The two countries are bidding to sell fighter jets and other kit to Malaysia in a deal which would safeguard 20,000 jobs. But the move has been thrown into jeopardy to ban imports of

The future of human life could be saved by tree-planting drones

We’re so good and so busy at cutting down trees that we can’t possibly make up for the forests we lose each year by replanting trees by hand. However, smart drones could fix humanity’s major deforestation problem by planting trees cheaper and more efficiently than humans. These tree-planting drone

Robots could climb into old mines to prevent toxic spills

DENVER — Crumbling mine tunnels awash with polluted waters perforate the Colorado mountains and scientists may one day send robots creeping through the pitch-black passages to study the mysterious currents that sometimes burst to the surface with devastating effects. One such disaster happened at the inactive Gold King Mine

These swimsuits are made out of actual trash

Now you can pay money to swim in garbage. Australian fashion brand Seapia has created a swimwear line made from recycled plastic, including bags, bottles and fishing nets — perfect for tree-hugging bikini babes. “These plastics could have been collected from the very beaches on which you will be wearing the swimwear,”

Microwaves are as damaging to the environment as CARS, scientists say

MICROWAVES are as damaging to the environment as cars and users must be taught how to cook more efficiently, scientists say. The ovens are responsible for 7.7million tons of the ­carbon dioxide pumped out from the EU each year — the equivalent of 6.8million cars. Researchers say they are fuelling

Starbucks begins testing fees for paper cups

Starbucks in London is going to start charging customers 5 pence (about 7 cents) for ordering their teas and coffee in a paper cup. The chain will be trialing the scheme in its London cafes in a bid to get more people to use reusable ones. Starbucks has 900 stores

De Blasio sues major oil companies over climate change

The de Blasio administration has filed a federal lawsuit against a handful of major oil companies for their role in climate change and its impact on New York City — particularly in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, city officials said on Wednesday. That includes seeking reparations for damage and

Michigan scrambles to address chemical contaminants in water

LANSING, Mich. — While the city of Flint still recovers from a lead-tainted water crisis, Michigan is scrambling to combat potential health risks in other tap water that stem from chemicals long used in firefighting, waterproofing, carpeting and other products. Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, have been detected

Tribe moving from shrinking Louisiana island to sugar cane farm

NEW ORLEANS — Louisiana officials have chosen a sugar cane farm as the next home for residents of a tiny, shrinking island — a move funded with a 2016 federal grant awarded to help relocate communities fleeing the effects of climate change. Dozens of Isle de Jean Charles residents

No one knows why this town stinks like cat pee

Environmental officials in North Carolina are working to find out what’s behind a pungent smell wafting through one town that some say reeks like cat urine – with fuzzy feelings not included. More than a dozen residents in Wilmington alerted the state’s Department of Environmental Quality after picking up