MLK’s surprising connections to NYC

Martin Luther King Jr. gave the most famous speech of his life in Washington, DC — but saved his more controversial declarations for the liberal audiences in New York. That’s what curator Sarah J. Seidman found in her research for “King in New York,” the new photography exhibition at

Controversial Gitmo art exhibit closes after Snapchat threat

John Jay College will be closing a controversial art exhibit on Monday — featuring paintings and sculptures created by Guantanamo detainees — after someone made a “threat” on Snapchat, officials said. The President’s Gallery, where the artwork is displayed, is one of several buildings that will be closed to

Step into David Hockney’s wildly colorful world at the Met

The greatest living British artist spent the day before his 80th birthday this summer at his California home repainting the wriggly lines in his Hollywood Hills swimming pool. “I did it in 2 ½ hours,” David Hockney tells The Post, “and I painted it in 2 ¹/₂ hours 20

How a struggling photographer became the “Duchess of Carnegie Hall’

When Editta Sherman first moved with her family to studio No. 1208 above Carnegie Hall, she was a 37-year-old struggling photographer, a scrappy naif compared with the building’s more-glamorous tenants, such as Leonard Bernstein and a young Marlon Brando. That was in 1949. By the time she left in 2010 —