Ezra Miller promises Flashpoint will change the DCEU

The Scarlet Speedster is teasing some major disruption when Barry Allen returns to screens for 2020's Flashpoint. After running off with our hearts in Zack Snyder's Justice League, some fans might be expecting a similarly light-hearted tone from the Flash when he suits up for his own movie. Audiences may

Barry Allen doesn’t become The Flash in Justice League

Ezra Miller has revealed that Barry Allen doesn't officially become The Flash in Justice League. The DC team-up movie finally hits cinemas next week and gives us the first proper look at The Flash in action, following Miller's brief cameos in Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, but don't

Superman returns in Justice League movie new trailer

The second trailer for DC's Justice League has dropped – and it gives us our first glimpse of Superman (Henry Cavill) in the film. The new clip opens with Lois Lane (Amy Adams) dreaming of Superman, before waking up to the harsh reality that he is dead and the

Is Wonder Woman going to be in The Flash movie?

We are going to be getting a whole lot more Wonder Woman over the next few years, and life could not be sweeter, to be perfectly honest. On top of her upcoming appearances in Justice League and Wonder Woman 2, it seems Diana Prince could be adding yet another