Grand Canyon tour helicopter crashes killing three tourists and seriously injuring four

THREE people have been killed and four seriously injured after a helicopter carrying tourists crashed at the Grand Canyon. Six passengers and a pilot were on board the Papillon Airways EC-130 when it went down over the natural attraction in Arizona at 5.20pm (12.20am GMT) on Saturday. Witnesses described scenes

Patients in Manchester told to stay away, operations cancelled and doctors buy bottled water to wash hands after water supply dries up at four major hospitals

PATIENTS are being told to stay away from several major hospitals in Manchester because they are experiencing water supply problems. The problem is understood to be affecting Manchester Royal Infirmary, Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, the Royal Manchester Children‘s Hospital and Saint Mary’s. Almost all operations scheduled for Monday morning have

Builder miraculously survives after being impaled by FOUR steel bars

A BUILDER was impaled by four metal rods in a horror accident - and miraculously survived. Workman Zhang Yuan reportedly fell "from a height" and landed on a set of steel bars, skewering his chest, stomach, pelvis and leg. The 43-year-old was rushed to hospital for life-saving surgery following the accident,