New invention brings batteries back from the dead

One of the biggest stories in consumer electronics right now is Apple’s secret throttling of older iPhone models with aging batteries. The company misled customers for years as “conspiracy theorists” claimed Apple was intentionally slowing down older iPhone models in order to force people to upgrade. While Apple

“Dashing’ sex robots could make men obsolete

There has been a lot of talk suggesting that the growing sex robot industry could soon make women redundant in terms of sexual gratification, but one mathematician says it is the men who should be worried. Dr. Cathy O’Neil believes that human men are at risk of being passed

Cars dominate the Las Vegas gadget festival

Autos are overrunning CES. As tech heads descend on Las Vegas today for the annual gadget fest, the auto industry will again command much of the attention — and space. Roughly 10 percent of the exhibitor space at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) will be dedicated to self-driving cars, including autonomous

Cool new gadgets to showcase in Las Vegas at CES

Ready for a $20,000 smart mattress that detects your snoring and then raises your head automatically — just enough to quiet your breathing? Or how about an 88-inch OLED TV or a pocket-sized genie that remotely connects to your Amazon Echo or other home assistant, allowing you to easily

Woman receives bionic hand with sense of touch

A woman who lost her left hand in an accident is getting a second chance thanks to a new bionic hand with a sense of touch unveiled by researchers. Almerina Mascarello, who lost her left hand nearly 25 years ago, said: “It’s almost like it’s back again.” The BBC reports

Your next booty call won’t be with a human

Inflatable, tacky and comically proportioned, sex dolls used to be funnier than they were sexy. However, the times are changing and the humble blow-up doll has been replaced with ultra-realistic, AI-infused sex robots that can cost over $10,000. One particularly high-tech sex robot, Harmony, can even have a conversation with

There might be an atomic fix to broken iPhone screens

Researchers may have discovered a solution to one of life’s most annoying first-world problems — the dreaded cracked phone screen. But walking around with a smashed screen or being in constant fear of getting one may soon be a thing of the past, with research from the Australian National

Chinese company may build Apple a factory for free

There’s no smartphone like the iPhone when it comes to setting the pace in the mobile industry. Every major hardware push Apple makes with its iPhones is quickly followed by its rivals, even if Apple wasn’t the first to introduce that particular feature. Take OLED screens, which Apple just

The inside story of Apple’s HomePod is pure tragedy

It doesn’t make its own smartphone (anymore), and it doesn’t have a regular computer either. But Amazon is the undisputed king of voice computing at home. Its Echo devices sell better than anything else, with Google’s Home coming in second place. Apple should have launched a voice-activated smart speaker

Samsung accidentally confirms it’s making a Galaxy X

Samsung’s dream is to beat Apple’s iPhone, and that’s why the Galaxy S8’s development codename was “dream.” However, no Galaxy S or Galaxy Note device captured the mind of buyers like the iPhone rival, no matter how hard Samsung tried. But the Korean giant may have an ace up

Sweat could soon unlock your phone

Sweat is so unique, it could one day be used to access smartphones in the same way we use a fingerprint or our faces. Amino acids in our “sweat print” could be used to identify someone wearing a mobile or wearable device, researchers have claimed. It could prove to be

One billion Android devices are outdated

Android and Apple fans can argue endlessly about who stole what and which phones are better, but there is at least one area where Android has consistently failed to keep up with its biggest rival: fragmentation. For years, we’ve been writing about Google’s failure to roll out the

Sweat could soon unlock your phone

Sweat is so unique, it could one day be used to access smartphones in the same way we use a fingerprint or our faces. Amino acids in our “sweat print” could be used to identify someone wearing a mobile or wearable device, researchers have claimed. It could prove to be

Some iPhone X buyers report annoying green line on screen

For as exciting as it is to get your hands on a brand new iPhone, nothing can turn that excitement into disappointment faster than a faulty device. Alas, a small number of iPhone X owners have noticed that their shiny new devices are exhibiting a green vertical line

Exoskeletons give factory works super strength

Robots have long been a part of the automotive assembly process, but what about cyborgs? You won’t find any factory workers jacked into the internet yet, but Ford is trying out a new exoskeleton designed to make physical tasks easier for the human half of the man-machine combination. It’s called

New prosthetics are “smart’ enough to adapt to their user

If you or someone you know is an amputee, then you know prostheses are invaluable for leading a more active life. However, traditional prostheses can often be painful to wear, causing skin tears and even infections. That is because they extend the affected limb using a special socket that

Snapchat’s Spectacles may actually be a big flop

Snapchat corporate parent Snap Inc. has hundreds of thousands of unsold Spectacles collecting dust in a Chinese warehouse, according to a report from The Information. Swayed by early adopter responses to limited introductory sales, Snap apparently severely over-estimated the demand for the hardware product, ordering way too many units from

Scientists create gadget that makes food float in midair

Forget forks, there’s now a way to make your food float into your open mouth. Scientists have successfully tuned high-frequency sound waves to make food float. But there’s more. Floating food actually tastes sweeter, the experts found, and they are able to make food pairings float in order, like a piece of cheese

Sex robot creator is ready to make a baby with his machine

Sex robot inventor Sergi Santos isn’t just changing how men pleasure themselves — he’s potentially changing society as we know it. The Spanish scientist believes that it’s only a matter of time before human and robot marriage is commonplace, and he’s even hatched a plan for how he can have a

Damning report ranks new iPhone behind old Samsungs

Apple already sold millions of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus units, but launch weekend estimates fell short of what’s expected from typical iPhone launches. It’s not that the iPhone is losing its appeal all of a sudden, but this year isn’t a usual one for Apple. The best iPhone

Dubai’s police are getting “Star Wars’-style hoverbikes

Imagine trying to outrun the long arm of the law, especially when they are buzzing around the skies on electric hoverbikes capable of speeds of up to 45 miles per hour. Unveiled at the Gitex Technology Week conference, the Star Wars-style Hoversurf Scorpion has been designed to help police avoid congested

The iPhone X successor could be part flip phone

The iPhone X has the biggest screen-to-front ratio ever seen in an iPhone, but Apple isn’t done enlarging the display. A report earlier this week said Apple is already working with LG on bendable screen designs. The company is apparently trying to keep its plan secret from Samsung, which is

Smartphone addict goes blind after 24-hour gaming binge

If you think an hour-long Candy Crush session or occasionally dropping $10 to refill your stash of Pokemon Go pokeballs is evidence that you have a smartphone “addiction,” you’ve got nothing on Wu Xiaojing, a 21-year-old woman who lives in northwest China’s Shaanxi province. Xiaojing (an apparently fake name she

iPhone X’s unique new feature is actually Apple’s plan B

No matter how well Face ID works when the iPhone X launches in November, there are going to be plenty of Apple fans who will continue to question the company’s decision to abandon Touch ID so quickly. Unfortunately, we’ll probably never have a definitive explanation as to why Apple decided to

Your coffee addiction is far more expensive than the iPhone X

We already know the iPhone X will be Apple’s most expensive iPhone ever. At $999, it’s $300 more expensive than the iPhone 8, which also happens to be more expensive than regular entry-level new iPhones. But that doesn’t make the iPhone X less affordable unless you want to pay the full

20 smart home products you can control from your phone

What makes a smart home product? Generally, they’re defined by their ability to connect wirelessly, allowing users to interact with them from their smartphones. We’ve rounded up 20 cool, diverse offerings — from TVs, air conditioners, smoke alarms, and more.   1. Amazon Echo Show Amazon’s Echo Show is an Alexa-powered speaker with

Apple fanboy already camping on sidewalk for new iPhone

The 10th anniversary iPhone hasn’t even gone on sale, yet there are already people camped outside Apple’s George Street store in Sydney, Australia to ensure they are the first to secure the new device when it goes on sale. The official release date for the iPhone X is September 22, which

How to charge your phone when there’s no power

Modern life would quickly grind to a halt if the power supplies were suddenly knocked out. Luckily there are a few clever – and downright crazy – methods of charging up your smartphone without needing to plug it into an outlet. There are obvious ways to get some juice in your gizmo,