Generational gaps are making family Christmas games’ tournaments harder

GENERATIONAL gaps are making watching TV and playing games together at Christmas near impossible, new research has shown. Despite Christmas TV and family games remaining among the top festive activities for families, most youngsters can’t tell Jim Royle from Basil Fawlty and many over 50’s have never even heard

Apple Names 2017's Most Popular Apps, Games, Movies, and More

On Dec. 7, Apple released its annual report of the most popular downloads across the full spectrum of content available on all of its devices. Ahead, we've pulled together all of the data across 17 different categories in order to provide you with the top 20 most-loved apps,

The 13 Best AR Apps and Games You Need to Download Right Now

Augmented reality – or AR, as it's more commonly known – is one of those things that lots of people talk about, but very few actually understand. Aside from being the phrase that was (loosely) used to denote the real-life component of Pokémon Go, or used to describe


Vladimir Putin’s troops fire massive rockets to intimidate rival countries at Russia’s Army Games – and they want the UK to take part next year

The annual event, dubbed the 'military Olympics, takes place across five countries and consists of nations including Greece, China, Iran and Israel Taken near the city of Astrakhan, near the border with Kazakhstan, onlookers watch Vladimir Putin’s army launch rockets in an impressive display of strength. An RM-75 Armavir target

Dude astounds subway riders with Rubik’s Cube madness

— Sheldon Serkin (@shelserkin) July 25, 2017 A cool-as-a-cucumber straphanger was captured on cellphone video completing a Rubik’s Cube in less than 30 seconds — with his eyes apparently closed. In the captivating, now-viral clip, the man, wearing a “Dragon Ball Z” t-shirt, effortlessly solves the six-sided colorful cube as he tosses