Haiti, U.N. clash over probe into alleged misuse of Petrocaribe funds

PORT-AU-PRINCE (Reuters) - A diplomatic row has erupted between the Haitian government and the United Nations over comments made by a senior U.N. official cheering an investigation into the alleged misuse of Venezuela-sponsored Petrocaribe funds by previous administrations. Haiti recalled its ambassador to the U.N. on Tuesday, and summoned

Oxfam have had their Ratner moment but they aren’t just flogging earrings

FUTURE historians will record that 2018 was the year when the charity industry had its Ratner moment. You remember Gerald Ratner. Perhaps, like me, you once bought cheap-and-cheerful jewellery from his eponymous company. Then suddenly you didn’t. And neither did anyone else. Because in an infamous 1991 after-dinner speech, Ratner wiped

Oxfam director says sex abuse claims will stain charity for years

LONDON — The head of Oxfam International says claims that staff members sexually exploited people in crisis zones are “a stain” that shames the charity. Executive director Winnie Byanyima says she is appointing an independent commission to investigate the allegations, and is urging victims of abuse to come forward. She

UK threatens to cut charity aid cash after Oxfam sex abuse report

LONDON – Britain will cut off aid funding from any organization that does not comply with a new review into charities work overseas, aid minister Penny Mordaunt said on Sunday, describing reports of sexual exploitation in the sector as “utterly despicable”. Oxfam, one of Britain’s biggest charities, on Friday

Trump wages Twitter war with Jay Z

Jay Z has 99 problems and now President Trump is one on Twitter. The president lashed out at the Grammy-winning rapper Sunday morning after he said in an interview that Trump’s comment about “shithole countries” was “hurtful” and questioned his claims about creating jobs for blacks. “Somebody please inform Jay

Trump doesn’t want to talk about ‘shithole countries’ at Davos

President Trump ignored questions about his alleged “shithole countries” comment during a meeting Friday with Rwanda’s president — saying instead that the US has “great relationships” with the African nation. Trump’s meeting with President Paul Kagame came shortly after he drew outrage for allegedly using the slur to describe

NAACP sues Homeland Security over Trump’s Haiti comments

MIAMI — The NAACP has sued the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, citing President Donald Trump’s disparaging comments about immigrants and their home countries as evidence of racial discrimination influencing his administration’s decision to end protections for roughly 60,000 Haitians. In a lawsuit filed Wednesday in Maryland federal court,

Conan: Haitians roast Trump in clip from O'Brien's trip

President Donald Trump reportedly referred to Haiti as a “sh—hole” country, as reported by various outlets. So Conan O’Brien gave the people of Haiti the chance to say some things about Trump. The TBS late-night host traveled to Haiti for an upcoming episode of Conan that will air this

Trump to ban Haitian immigrants after alleged ‘shithole’ slur

The Trump administration will ban immigrants from Haiti – which the president included in his “s–thole countries” remark -​ from applying for ​temporary ​visas given to low-skilled workers, the Department of Homeland Security​ said. The department said it would remove Haiti, Belize and Samoa from a list of more

Trump blasts Senator Durbin over ‘shithole countries’ claims

​P​resident Trump on Twitter Monday blasted Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin, who said the president used the term “s–thole countries,” ​referring to him as “Dicky” and blaming him for scuttling a deal to help young immigrants. “Senator Dicky Durbin totally misrepresented what was said at the DACA meeting. Deals can’t

Trump on alleged ‘shithole’ comment: ‘I am not a racist’

President Donald Trump says in the wake of his recent comments about Haiti and African countries that “I am not a racist.” Trump has been accused of using a vulgar word to describe African countries during an Oval Office meeting last week with a bipartisan group of six senators.

Conan to film Haiti special in wake of Trump's 's—hole' insult

Conan O’Brien was one of many Americans who did not enjoy it when President Donald Trump reportedly called some foreign nations, including Haiti, “s—hole” countries — a remark that has been met with outrage and charges of racism. (Trump and Republican officials have disputed the exact comment.) But

Sean Penn: Donald Trump Is An Enemy Of Compassion And Of The State

Movie star Sean Penn has taken aim at President Donald Trump for reportedly calling Haiti a “shithole” country. The Academy Award-winning actor — who founded the J/P Haitian Relief Organization following the devastating earthquake that struck the Caribbean island in 2010 ― called Trump “an enemy of compassion” in a new op-ed piece

Trump claims ‘shithole’ slur was made up by Dems

President Trump on Friday shot down reports that he said anything offensive about the people of Haiti, which he reportedly described – along with Africa – as a “shithole.” “Never said anything derogatory about Haitians other than Haiti is, obviously, a very poor and troubled country,” Trump said about

World leaders, diplomats slam Trump’s ‘shithole’ slur

The s–t has hit the fan. President Trump’s remarks in the White House that African nations and Haiti are “shithole countries” from where the US should not accept immigrants are being met by fierce global condemnation on Friday. The United Nations human rights office said his reported use of the

Haiti requests meeting with US official over Trump’s ‘shithole’ remarks

Haiti’s government said Thursday night that they “vehemently condemn” President Trump’s comments referring to their country as a “shithole” and requested to speak to a US official about the incident. The country’s Ambassador to the United States said Trump was either “misinformed or he is miseducated” and they summoned