Here's How to Fully Turn Off Your Bluetooth and WiFi in iOS 11

With the introduction of every new software update, Apple usually manages to sneak in some much-needed features. However, the new customizable Control Center on iOS 11 is responsible for some serious headaches. As people have quickly discovered, when you switch off WiFi and Bluetooth on Control Center, it

Getting this character in a text will crash your iPhone

It hasn’t been a good year for Apple’s software quality-assurance department. Between a critical security bug in macOS, a brand-new product being launched late and without half of its features enabled, or a throttling feature being snuck into an iOS update, it seems that something is wrong in Apple’s development process. But a

If you get this message on your iPhone, don’t open it

A devastating bug has hit iPhones causing them to crash when a single Indian character is sent to the device or even typed in text editor. Devices running iOS 11 are affected and crash when any application receives the character in Telugu language. Apps become

Share a WiFi Password in iOS 11 in 1 Quick and Easy Step

Most people know that the true test of friendship isn't texting someone every day, or being the first one at the bar for their happy hour — it's actually all about feeling comfortable enough to ask for the WiFi password. Think about it: it means you'll be over

Make sure you don’t face issues installing the next iOS update

Apple boss Tim Cook has already apologised for Apple slowing down processors in old phones - but he also revealed the next iOS update will give iPhone owners the option to disable this ‘throttling feature.’ While the timeline for the update to iOS 11 .3 remains unclear, Cook claimed

More than 150 new emojis coming soon

I know you’re dying to see what new emoji are in the works for this year, and the good news is that the Unicode Consortium, the ultimate emoji custodian out there, has finally revealed the final list of new emoji for 2018. We’re looking at 157 new drawings that

How to use Snapchat’s redesigned app

Yesterday Snapchat rolled out a huge update to users in the UK, including significant changes to the layout of the app. The update saw the Friends, Discover and Stories sections all get a makeover, which left many users confused. The new app aims to separate 'social' and 'media',

This 1 New Feature on iOS 11 Could Save Your Life

With the new iOS 11, you can edit screenshots, easily share WiFi passwords, and potentially save your life in the future — all with just a few quick taps. Previously, you could give yourself an extra layer of safety by setting up your medical ID or sharing your

Elise Christie ready to risk it all in bid to finally win Olympic gold

Elise Christie will risk everything for gold at the Winter Olympics - even if it means again returning home empty-handed. The 27-year-old speed-skater arrives at the Games as a triple world champion and Great Britain’s hottest medal contender. Four years ago in Sochi she fell twice and was disqualified,

Snapchat releases its update in the UK – and users are NOT happy

Snapchat has rolled out an update to users in the UK, and many people are not happy about it. The update includes significant changes to the layout of the app, with the Friends, Discover and Stories sections all getting a makeover. The new app aims to separate 'social' and 'media',

First impressions of Apple’s HomePod smart speaker

The Apple HomePod may be late to the party , but that might not matter when the music starts playing. An early look at the £319 gadget - which goes on sale here in the UK on February 9th - reveals yet another piece of expert Apple

Snapchat launches ‘Bitmoji Deluxe’ app

Snapchat has today launched ‘Bitmoji Deluxe’ - a new app where users can create lifelike cartoon doppelgängers. The app is an update of the original Bitmoji app, and has introduced new ways for users to reflect their physical attributes, styling preferences and personalities. A spokesperson for Snapchat said: “All together,

Apple to add battery features after slowdown fiasco

Apple announced changes on Wednesday that make good on its promise to allow users to turn off a controversial feature that slows down iPhones when batteries are running low, although it signaled it might take months more to deliver. Apple confirmed in December that software in its iPhone 6,

Make sure you don’t face issues installing the next iOS update

This week, Tim Cook apologised that Apple had been slowing down processors in old phones, and revealed that in the next iOS update, users will be able to disable this ‘throttling feature.’ While the timeline for the update to iOS 11 .3 remains unclear, Cook claimed

The secret iPhone tips and tricks you may not know about

Apple's iPhones are pretty complex gadgets - filled with hidden tips and tricks you may not know about. Even if you've been using your device for years, Apple often includes new shortcuts with each software upgrade. Whether you've got the cutting-edge iPhone X or one of the earlier models, you

Apple’s iPhone update may be about to save your battery life

Last month, Apple hit the headlines after it was discovered that it had been slowing down the processors in older phones. Tim Cook , CEO of Apple, has now apologised for the issue, and revealed that Apple will soon release software to allow people to disable this ‘throttling’ feature. Speaking

Apple admits it’s slowing down your old iPhone

So you weren’t imagining it after all, and now Apple is admitting it. Earlier this week, Primate Labs, the company behind GeekBench, reported that processors in older iPhones slow down and performance suffers as batteries age and lose capacity. Problems worsen if the charge is low or the phone

The Uber app can secretly spy on iPhone screens

The Uber app for iOS has been given a unique privilege on the operating system which allows the app to spy on the iPhone’s screen, a researcher has discovered. ZDNet reports that the Uber app can read the screen buffer in iOS, allowing it to view and potentially record anything

Apple’s latest plan to trap you inside your iPhone

No matter how much greener the grass might get on the other side, I’m certain I’ll never leave the iPhone/Mac ecosystem. I have everything I need inside iOS/macOS such that switching to another operating system seems like a very bad idea. Like me, there are millions of other people, and

Apple to make it impossible for cops to unlock your phone

The rollout of iOS 11 is fast approaching, and with the beta version of the new update already in the hands of many testers, we were bound to discover things that Apple had kept secret. One of those things happens to be an absolutely incredible privacy feature that lets you