Harry Potter mobile game lets fans play as a Hogwarts student

Fans of Harry Potter often daydream about what it would be like to attend his magical alma mater Hogwarts. Personally, between the constantly shifting staircases and the resident menagerie of ghosts and sentient paintings, it seems like a nightmarish deathtrap that wouldn't be particularly conducive to academic

Harry Potter is celebrating its 20th anniversary today, and here’s how Facebook is paying tribute to two decades of witchcraft and wizardry magic created by J.K Rowling in a subtle but sweet way

The first Harry Potter book came out 20 years ago today, and even Facebook is celebrating  [Warner Bros] Harry Potter, the boy wizard, turns 20 years old today. Well, not the actual character (everyone knows Harry's birthday is July 31st, duh) but the book itself. Yes, it's been 20 years since J.K Rowling's

J.K. Rowling, other Brits deny that England is “reeling’

With typical stiff-upper-lip-resolve, Brits lashed out at naysayers including the New York Times that said the nation “is reeling” after a series of terror attacks. As the events were unfolding Saturday night on the London Bridge, the Gray Lady posted on Twitter: “The London attacks hit a nation still reeling from