Blindspot recap: Season 3, Episode 14

Blindspot Blindspot is certainly a show that loves its complex plots, largely because that complexity masks the reality that almost none of it makes any sense from week to week. It’s a show that delights in the ridiculous and the fantastic—remember when, earlier this season, Weller jumped out of a plane

There’s a very good reason that “Two Legendary Chums” is the best episode of Blindspot in a few weeks: it mostly sidelines the drama of the Avery storyline and instead returns the focus to the overarching story of Roman’s plan to take down Crawford, and how that might

‘Blindspot’ recap: ‘Balance of Might’

“Balance of Might” kicks off with a flashback, the first of many peppered throughout this week’s episode. It’s six months ago, and the show places us inside a refugee camp. A man named Saya (The Wire‘s Jim True-Frost) is giving a family good news: their application has been

Blindspot recap: Season 3, Episode 9

Blindspot Blindspot only took a few weeks off over the holidays, and we probably all need to thank the show for that. None of us could have handled a month or two of sitting with the words Weller spoke to Jane at the end of the midseason finale: “You

'Blindspot': Jane makes heartbreaking decision over Weller reveal

Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Friday’s episode of Blindspot. Read at your own risk! How did Jane react to the news that Weller killed her daughter during Blindspot‘s winter premiere? Spoiler alert: Not very well at all. Though Jane (Jaimie Alexander) was initially in denial that Weller (Sullivan

Blindspot recap: Season 3, Episode 6

Blindspot Considering how often Weller almost dies each and every week on Blindspot, it’d make sense for him to change careers and find something a little more safe and secure, especially now that he’s trying to live a somewhat peaceful domestic life with Jane. Early on in “Adoring Suspect”

Blindspot recap: Season 3, Episode 7

Blindspot Blindspot‘s third season got off to a great start, a shift in the timeline moved the characters in new directions, giving this season a fresh look while not exactly hitting the reset button. There was great promise in Jane boasting new tattoos and the reveal that Roman had

Blindspot recap: Season 3, Episode 8

Blindspot If there’s one thing that Blindspot understands, it’s that you go into the holiday break on a high note and leave your viewers wanting more. “City Folks Under Wraps” does just that. It’s a thrilling, fast-paced, tense hour of television that expertly plays with our understanding of the