SAG Awards: Kristen Bell on being the first host

The Screen Actors Guild Awards may or may not give us a hint at which way the Oscar winds are blowing, but they’ll definitely give us a host for the first time. The Good Place star Kristen Bell will emerge from the Good Place, er, Bad Place, to

James Franco: The Deuce creator responds to allegations

David Simon, co-creator of HBO’s The Deuce, released a statement regarding James Franco, who was accused of inappropriate sexual behavior by five women. “I’m still reading it the same as everyone else, trying to discern what is or isn’t there,” Simon said. “Personally I can only speak knowledgeably to

James Franco accused of sexual misconduct by five women

Five women have come forward with allegations of sexually inappropriate behavior against James Franco, claims the actor has previously denied as “not accurate.” During Sunday’s Golden Globes ceremony, where Franco received best actor in a musical or comedy for The Disaster Artist, the actor was accused of inappropriateness by

Saturday Night Live recap: Season 43, episode 8

Saturday Night Live James Franco hosted SNL for the fourth time on Saturday. Ostensibly the gig was meant to promote his new movie The Disaster Artist, about the making of so-bad-it’s-good cult classic The Room. But in a surprising development, The Disaster Artist was mentioned only once in the

James Franco to Direct and Star in Biopic About Artist Shel Silverstein

James Franco is in talks to direct and star in a film about prolific children’s book author, cartoonist, and lyricist Shel Silverstein. Chris Shafer and Paul Vicknair will pen the adaptation based on Lisa Rogak’s book “A Boy Named Shel.” MWM Studios, formerly known as OddLot Entertainment, will produce along with McG

James Franco will star in X-Men spin-off Multiple Man

Spider-Man star James Franco is delving back into the comic book genre for an X-Men spin-off, this time as a hero (or several of them) instead of as the villainous Green Goblin. Franco is working with the dream team of X-Universe producer Simon Kinberg and Wonder Woman writer Allan

James Franco regrets hosting Oscars with Anne Hathaway

James Franco has spoken again about his Oscars co-hosting stint with Anne Hathaway in 2011, and how he regrets it. The duo's performance was panned for their perceived lack of chemistry and humour during the ceremony, with Franco previously admitting that he felt trapped by the show and uncomfortable

The Room’s Tommy Wiseau had weird Disaster Artist reaction

James Franco has revealed what The Room's Tommy Wiseau thinks of biopic The Disaster Artist. Franco directs and stars as Wiseau in the movie about the making of The Room, which has developed a massive cult following, including interactive screenings, for its infamous status as one of the worst

James Franco was meant to have a much larger Alien: Covenant role

There is a minor Alien: Covenant spoiler in this article... BEWARE... Alien: Covenant screenwriter Dante Harper has revealed that James Franco's Captain Branson role was actually meant to be much bigger. Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Harper explained: "Originally, the James Franco character was part of what was a larger