Altered Carbon season 2 could explore LGBTQ+ issues

Altered Carbon boss Laeta Kalogridis is definitely open to exploring LGBTQ+ issues if a second season happens. The Netflix drama, which launched earlier this month on February 2, revolves around the idea that people's consciousnesses and memories are stored in 'stacks' – storage devices which can be inserted into

Altered Carbon showrunner details season 2 shakeup  

Altered Carbon is planning a pretty big shakeup if the show gets a second season on Netflix. First, you can say goodbye to Bay City, the futuristic version of San Francisco that contained season 1. Also, a time jump of around 30 years seems likely. Plus, several members of

Netflix debuts NSFW trailer for sci-fi series Altered Carbon

House of Cards' Joel Kinnaman is as far as possible from the halls of power in Washington DC in the brightly-coloured and deeply disturbing first look at Altered Carbon. Netflix's episodic adaptation of Richard K. Morgan's cyberpunk thriller novel Altered Carbon makes Blade Runner 2049 seem downright optimistic in

Suicide Squad 2 could start filming quite soon

Suicide Squad 2 might start filming relatively soon. As in, next year. Just keep an open mind, folks... Rick Flag himself Joel Kinnaman opened up about the sequel – and its schedule – during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. "As far as I know they're writing the script and