Michelle Beadle tries to draw a line with ESPN’s LaVar Ball talk

Michelle Beadle isn’t taking the bait when it comes to LaVar Ball. While discussing Lonzo Ball on a Thursday episode of “SportsNation,” the ESPN host shut the door on any chatter regarding the Lakers rookie’s outspoken father, who publicly bashed his son’s coach, Luke Walton weeks ago, after fellow

A glimpse at what life after LaVar Ball looks like

The Lakers are finding out just how tough it can be with LaVar Ball in your life. Chino Hills High School in California seems to be enjoying its time without him. Ball pulled his youngest son, LaMelo, out of the school following a power struggle with new head coach

The Ball brothers’ pro debut was embarrassing

PANEVEZYS, Lithuania — LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball went scoreless in their pro basketball debut, finishing a combined 0 for 7. The younger brothers of Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball played in the Lithuanian league for BC Prienai on Saturday. Their team lost 95-86 to Lietkabelis Panevezys. LiAngelo went 0

Gregg Popovich adds to LaVar Ball fury: He’s “meaningless’

We found another member of the LaVar Ball fan club. Spurs coach Gregg Popovich mocked the loudmouth dad for being insignificant, after his remarks criticizing Lakers coach Luke Walton have been met with sharp opposition. “Whenever anyone says anything about another individual or about the quality of another individual, or

It doesn’t pay to get into business with LaVar Ball

Perhaps LaVar Ball should worry less if the Lakers are playing for Luke Walton and more if LaVar himself is paying. Big Baller Brand, the apparel company run by Papa Ball, is being sued over missed payments to the company that printed and embroidered the hats, shirts and other

ESPN’s Jeff Van Gundy furious at ESPN over LaVar Ball

Jeff Van Gundy is choosing brethren over Bristol. Volleying from forceful to furious, the former Knicks coach lashed out at the network that employs him, livid that ESPN would publish a story that quotes LaVar Ball saying Luke Walton has lost the Lakers. The ESPN NBA analyst joined the ranks

NBA teams trying to threaten media away from LaVar Ball

Lonzo Ball tried to cliche his way through an interview. Luke Walton used humor to deflect the spotlight growing on him. Rick Carlisle issued a threat to ESPN. But other NBA teams reportedly are taking the most action following LaVar Ball’s attempt to dethrone the Lakers head coach. Several NBA

Steve Kerr slams fans obsessed with NBA “Kardashian’ LaVar Ball

Steve Kerr addressed the elephant in the NBA media room. The socially aware Warriors coach gave a broader explanation Monday for the most recent LaVar Ball controversy to rock the league, blaming neither ESPN nor other media companies for giving Ball a platform to spew his opinions, but the

“Steal my money’: The horrors of LaVar Ball’s customers

Call them Big Bawlers. The Better Business Bureau has given LaVar Ball’s Big Baller Brand a flat “F,” the lowest possible grade, a reflection of 44 negative reviews and zero positive reviews for the extravagantly priced apparel company. The sad reviews for the company fronted by Lonzo Ball’s $495 sneakers include long

Mavericks coach destroys ESPN “disgrace’ over LaVar Ball

DALLAS — Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle went ballistic on LaVar Ball and ESPN for igniting the latest Lakers controversy when the eccentric father told the website coach Luke Walton has lost the team. Carlisle said he was making the comments as president of the coach’s association when he called

Dick Vitale turns on ESPN for LaVar Ball coverage

ESPN following LaVar Ball all around the world? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Dick Vitale, the longtime ESPN college basketball personality, has decided it is not awesome, baby, to hold up a microphone every time the most overbearing parent in sports opens his mouth. The Worldwide Leader followed Ball to Lithuania, where

LaVar Ball launches attack aiming for Luke Walton’s head

LaVar Ball can go away, but that doesn’t mean he’s gone. From 6,000 miles away, the Ball family patriarch launched an attack at Lakers coach Luke Walton, saying he has lost the team in an apparent attempt to get his son’s coach fired. Ball, speaking from Lithuania, where he has

The LaVar Ball show arrives in Lithuania — to absolute mayhem

The Balls walked off the airplane in Lithuania on Wednesday to royal treatment. LaVar Ball and his basketball-playing sons, LiAngelo and LaMelo, were greeted with a live rendition of “Welcome to Lithuania” and hordes of reporters and fans as they arrived in the foreign country to join their new

The ambitious Lithuania playing plan for LiAngelo, LaMelo Ball

LiAngelo and LaMelo, get ready to ball. The two Ball brothers, who were pulled out of college (LiAngelo) and high school (LaMelo) to play professionally abroad, should expect big minutes when they eventually suit up in Lithuania, according to their future coach. Virginijus Seskus, the head coach of Prienu Vytautas,

LaVar Ball is making his own one-and-done league

LaVar Ball probably wishes he thought of this idea sooner. The basketball dad and entrepreneur is embarking on arguably his biggest venture yet, announcing Wednesday he is launching the Junior Basketball Association as an NBA feeder separate from the NCAA. The league will pay nationally ranked players who have

Where the Lakers are drawing the line with LaVar Ball

Trump? Fine. Women? Attack away. UCLA, Chino Hills High? Go for it. But the Lakers are trying to clamp LaVar Ball’s mouth when Luke Walton is involved. The Los Angeles front office and Papa Baller recently had a meeting, ESPN reported Wednesday, in which the team told him to tone

Porzingis, Ntilikina steal the Ball family spotlight in OT thriller

LaVar Ball stalked the Garden sidelines in his bright red “Big Baller” shirt and matching sneakers, and Magic Johnson lit up celebrity row with his smile. But the visitors’ Hollywood star power and gold uniforms couldn’t stop Kristaps Porzingis and rookie point guard Frank Ntilikina from lighting up the

Beyond the antics, there’s some credit LaVar Ball deserves

Let’s put aside all the brash talk, bravado and grandiose gestures for a moment and notice LaVar Ball is doing a few things for his basketball playing kids that should be admired. For starters, he’s a father that’s very involved in his sons’ lives. He’s not an absentee dad

What’s waiting for LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball in Lithuania

Here’s what the Ball brothers have waiting for them in Lithuania. With LaVar Ball orchestrating his sons’ basketball careers, both LiAngelo, 19, and LaMelo, 16, reportedly will play professionally for Lithuanian club Prienu Vytautas, a club founded in 1994 and not considered one of Europe’s heavy hitters. The financially struggling

LiAngelo, LaMelo Ball find jobs very far away

The younger Ball brothers are headed from the bright lights of Los Angeles to a remote village across the Atlantic. LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball have signed professional contracts with Lithuanian basketball club Prienu Vytautas, The Vertical reported Monday. The brothers will join the club in early January, each on

This is the Lonzo Ball that Magic Johnson wants to see more of

PHILADELPHIA — LaVar Ball had some public criticism of the Lakers, now team president Earvin “Magic” Johnson has some advice for Ball’s son. Lonzo Ball had a strong game in the Lakers’ 107-104 upset of the 76ers on Thursday night, and Johnson pointed out that Ball should more often

Knicks finally feeling the effects of no Phil Jackson: NBA expert

Turner Sports Hall of Fame NBA reporter David Aldridge talks Knicks, Lonzo and covering Gregg Poppovich with The Post’s Justin Terranova. Q: Have the Knicks removed the laughingstock label that was plastered on them in recent reasons? A: Nobody seemed to understand what Phil [Jackson] was doing, and he wasn’t

Two rare gems spotted in trash heap of sports landscape

It’s time to dig deeper to find the silver linings. Last Friday’s 102-0 girls high school basketball game in Montana — the score held down by a running clock during the second half — generated anguished national attention. Yet did you know that all five of the losing team’s starters

LaVar Ball’s new NBA plan is a pipe dream

LaVar Ball claims to still be in control of his basketball family-themed circus, but his master plan looks more unfathomable now than even just a few days ago. Ball spoke with his usual braggadocio Tuesday morning on NBC’s “Today” show, this time reminding everyone he will still engineer a

The Lakers now have a “LaVar Ball rule’

LaVar Ball is now in the Lakers rule book. With the loudmouthed father of Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball grabbing attention away from the court, and sometimes during games, the Lakers are reinforcing a policy that will no longer allow media members to hound the section at the arena where

The predictable LaVar Ball-Lakers war is coming

A father who didn’t think a couple high school basketball coaches were qualified to coach his sons isn’t stopping with the professionals. It took less than five weeks into Lonzo Ball’s rookie season for LaVar Ball to blame the Lakers’ coaching staff for not translating his son’s talent into

Kristine Leahy: CNN latest to build the LaVar Ball “monster’

see also No one is more appalled by CNN’s decision to give LaVar Ball airtime than Fox Sports’ Kristine Leahy. During Monday’s episode of “Speak for Yourself,” it was suggested that the Big Baller Brand patriarch would reach a new audience with his televised sit-down on the Cable News Network.

LaVar Ball dismisses idea of Donald Trump helping his son

Donald Trump got the thank yous he wanted from three UCLA players caught shoplifting in China. The father of the most famous player won’t be doing so anytime soon, it appears. LaVar Ball didn’t have much time for the idea that the President of the United States helped his

Lonzo Ball bails on his Lakers teammates during fight

Lonzo Ball has had a rough start to his NBA career, and it probably isn’t going to get any easier after Friday night. Ball’s teammates ended up in a skirmish along the sideline near midcourt in a game against the Suns. It was the third time a minor donnybrook

Barkley, Shaq roast entire Ball family over sunglasses arrest

The “Inside The NBA” studio analysts redefined the meaning of throwing shade at LaVar Ball’s basketball-playing sons Thursday night. What began innocently enough, with host Ernie Johnson teeing up the highlights of Lonzo Ball’s Lakers playing against the Wizards, quickly turned into a cornucopia of jokes centered around LiAngelo