Jon Hamm negotiates with terrorists in new Beirut trailer

Jon Hamm is putting his negotiating skills to a potentially deadly test in the new trailer for the upcoming film Beirut. Hamm stars in the 1982-set film as Mason Skiles, a former Lebanon-based U.S. diplomat who shed his duties after the death of his wife. Ten years later, he’s called back

Lebanese Uber driver confesses to strangling British diplomat

A Lebanese Uber driver has confessed to killing a British diplomat who was found raped and strangled on the side of a road. Rebecca Dykes, 30, was found early Saturday on the side of the Metn highway in Beirut and the driver accused of slaying and sexually assaulting her

Anti-Trump protesters in Beirut clash with security outside US embassy

Scores of Lebanese and Palestinian demonstrators have clashed with security forces outside the US Embassy in Beirut over President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The protesters gathered hundreds of yards away from the embassy on Sunday, where they burned an effigy of Trump, U.S. and

Lebanon’s prime minister puts resignation on hold

BEIRUT — Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced Wednesday he was putting his resignation on hold to give way for more consultations nearly three weeks after he unexpectedly announced he was stepping down — a stunning reversal and embarrassment to Saudi Arabia, which was widely seen as having

Saudi Arabia orders citizens out of Lebanon amid rising tensions

Saudi Arabia has ordered its citizens out of Lebanon amid skyrocketing tensions between their two governments. A brief statement carried by the state-run Saudi Press Agency called on all Saudis living in or visiting Lebanon to depart, and warned against travel to the country. Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri shocked

Scientists discover genetic “trail’ to mysterious Biblical civilization

DNA research is shining new light on the Biblical Canaanite civilization, which existed thousands of years ago in the Middle East. The ancient civilization, which created the first alphabet and is mentioned frequently in the Bible, has long fascinated historians. LiveScience reports that, because the Canaanites kept their records on papyrus,