Liam Neeson reveals how he fell for Helen Mirren

Long before he starred in the blockbuster action trilogy, Liam Neeson was rather taken with Helen Mirren. During Friday’s The Graham Norton Show, The Commuter star reunited with Mirren, who he was in a “serious” relationship with for four years. Neeson and Mirren first met when he and Game

Helen Mirren and ex-boyfriend Liam Neeson reunite on telly

Graham Norton is well known for his engaging and often hilarious celebrity chats, but who knew he's an agony aunt for old lovers too? The BBC One chat show host gives his viewers an unexpected treat this Friday night (January 19) when he reunites acting's grand dame Helen Mirren

Liam Neeson slammed for defending Dustin Hoffman's alleged sexual misconduct

Liam Neeson is under fire for defending several high-profile men accused of inappropriate behavior and sexual misconduct and suggesting that there’s “a bit of a witch-hunt happening.” Appearing on the Irish talk show The Late Late Show, the action star addressed the recent deluge of sexual misconduct allegations against famous men. “There is

The Commuter review: Liam Neeson film is a familiar thriller

The Commuter Back in 2014, Spanish director Jaume Collet-Serra put an aging Liam Neeson through his paces at 30,000 feet in the B-movie thriller Non-Stop. Following on the heels of two Taken films and Unknown, that movie was merely one entry in the actor’s late-career reinvention as an unlikely

Liam Neeson says the gender pay gap is 'f—ing disgraceful'

Liam Neeson has some strong words for the pay gap between men and women in Hollywood. In an interview for his upcoming film The Commuter, The Associated Press asked the 65-year-old action star for his thoughts on the increased discussion around equal pay in Hollywood. “There’s a lot of discussion

Don’t Expect Liam Neeson To Star In Another ‘Taken’ Film Anytime Soon

Looks like Liam Neeson is ready to put his action movie days behind him.  In an interview with Sky News at the Toronto International Film Festival, the actor admitted that while studios are “still throwing serious money at me to do that stuff,” he’s not interested.  “I’m like: ‘Guys, I’m sixty-f**king-five.’

Liam Neeson’s son launches fashion line

Liam Neeson’s son Daniel is getting into the fashion business. On Thursday, he launched his eco-friendly line Pine Outfitters in Soho. “My dad has been the biggest support system I have,” Daniel told us. “He always tells me [that] anything you want to pursue, pursue with a passion, and to not worry