Survival Of The Fittest cast in ‘danger’ over lion attack

Survival Of The Fittest: The cast including James Middleton, are reportedly at risk of attacks from lions [ITV] Survival Of The Fittest bosses have ramped up security over the possible danger that animals such as lions could come in close proximity to the lodge that the contestants are currently

Suspected poacher killed, eaten by pack of lions

A suspected poacher was fatally mauled and eaten by a pack of lions near a national park in South Africa, leaving behind just the man’s “head and some remains,” police said. A police spokesman in Limpopo told AFP that a loaded hunting rifle was found near the man’s body

Mountain lion tranquilized near San Francisco playground

SAN FRANCISCO — A mountain lion cornered by a game warden near a San Francisco playground and shot with a tranquilizer gun on Friday has been fitted with a GPS collar and is ready to go back into the wild. The animal was spotted earlier in the day amid

Mountain lions hate news pundits

Don’t count mountain lions as faithful listeners of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Rachel Maddow. In fact, when the big cats were exposed to recordings of the talking heads, the fearsome felines fled like pussycats. A study conducted by the University of California Santa Cruz used recordings of the talk-show hosts’ strident