Guys protest school dress code in solidarity with female students

Off-the-shoulder tops are a popular fashion trend right now, but a group of high schoolers in California are wearing them for a different reason.Students of San Benito High School in Hollister returned to school August 14. But many of the female students were in for a surprise when they found

Eye scan could spot Alzheimer’s decades before symptoms emerge

A simple eye test could spot Alzheimer’s disease 20 years before symptoms develop, according to new research.A study of patients with the devastating form of dementia found they had more than twice as much of a telltale brain protein in their retinas.Scientists believe this begins to gather decades before symptoms

Introducing vagina manicures

Nail art just went there — down there.Vagina-themed digits are the latest elaborate nail-art trend, and the Internet’s losing its mind over them.The depictions range from literal vulvas to flowers à la Georgia O’Keeffe. Call it feminism at its most extra.Social-media users’ reactions to these X-rated oeuvres range from bewildered

Why Princess Diana often wore two watches

When it comes to style, Princess Diana was a pioneer and not afraid to push boundaries when it came to her outfit choices.And one of the late royal’s most avant-garde choices turns out to be one of her most romantic.In July 1981, a young Diana Spencer attended the polo at

Fitness pro falls to death taking another trainer’s photo

A Hong Kong fitness trainer died after he fell from the 12th floor of a building while trying to get the best picture of fellow fitness trainers.Will Kong Wai, a 25-year-old fitness buff, was helping an older photographer take promotional pictures of two other fitness instructors, according to an account

Sleaze king Terry Richardson is just a lame dad now

Terry Richardson used to be the king of shock factor. The controversial snapper has shot Miley Cyrus topless, inserted himself into his own X-rated shoots and made headlines for his predatorial behavior.But his most shocking move yet? Turning into a lame old dad, just like the rest of us —

Spa owner fed up with pervy men asking for “extras’

This spa isn’t that steamy!The owner of a massage parlor in England says pervy male customers are bombarding her employees with requests for “degrading” sexual favors during their visit.“I feel angry because I am responsible for my team. We are a professional business. Nobody seems to care about that. We

Scientists use “molecular scissors’ to create world’s first mutant ants

It may sound like a script for a science fiction movie, but scientists have created the world’s first mutant ants.Two independent research teams have harnessed the gene editing technology CRISPR to genetically alter the ants. In one study, researchers at Rockefeller University modified a gene essential for sensing the pheromones

Tiny robots could soon heal stomach ulcers

Special delivery!Tiny robots could soon be ferrying medicine around the human body, after scientists successfully used the minuscule gadgets to cure sick mice, according to a new report.Researchers at the University of California San Diego used the hair-width bots called “micromotors” to deliver doses of antibiotics to rodents with bacterial

Selfie-obsessed tourists kill baby dolphin

A baby dolphin has died after tourists took it out of the water and posed for selfies with it on a packed beach.The female had become separated from its mother and was stranded in shallow water off a beach in Mojacar in southern Spain.The beachgoers took it out of its

Are sports bras acceptable gym attire?

When you’re heating up at the gym, it’s tempting to forgo longer layers, especially in the summer months. However, women often feel judged by their fellow gym-goers for showing some skin. Which is why one fitness blogger took to social media to send an important message about gym attire.Louise Aubrey

The first sports bra was two jockstraps sewn together

By 1977, Lisa Lindahl was fed up with running in her regular underwire bra. The University of Vermont employee, then in her late 20s, was frustrated that her male jogging partner could take off his shirt to cool down, while she was stuck in a bra that slipped off her

Widowers are turning to sex dolls to overcome their grief

These sex dolls are dead ringers.Grieving widowers are finding comfort in lifelike robots that can be customized to resemble their dearly departed wives.Officials at True Companion — the New Jersey-based maker of the fully customizable $9,995 Roxxxy sex robot — say that along with orders for celebrity lookalikes, the most

Phone allegedly falls from plane, records its 1,000-foot plummet

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Chick-fil-A customer claims dead rodent was in chicken sandwich

A Chick-fil-A customer only realized she got more than she ordered after she bit into her chicken sandwich and found a dead rodent.Ellen Manfalouti, 46, took legal action last week against the fast food restaurant after she found a small rodent baked into her sandwich in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, according to

Nashville’s most stylish eclipse escape

Nashville’s famed music scene will be, well, eclipsed on Aug. 21 by a stunning cosmic event.Yup, the Tennessee capital stands directly in the path of the total solar eclipse.Now, deep-pocketed travelers can catch it from the Mansion at Fontanel, the former home of country crooner Barbara Mandrell. Four suites inside

“Crotch charms’ help you bling out your lady bits

If your jewelry wish-list is crammed with diamond rings and necklaces, it’s time to modernize — “crotch charms” are apparently the new in thing.Japanese company BoDivas is pioneering the trend with its range of intimate bling called Beachtails.The line is marketed as “sexy charms for bikini crotch,” and they pretty

Students slam school dress code for definition of “crew neck’

Students at a school in Dickson County, Tennessee, are gaining press attention over how they dress.The dress code at Dickson County High School says “all students must wear a collared and/or crew neck top with sleeves.” According to the dress code rules online, in addition to strict rules about what

Not sexting? You’re weird, study says

It’s the joy of sext!Sexting is now a normal part of human relationships, according to a massive new study of sex and tech — 74 percent of Americans say they exchange saucy electronic messages with their lovers“Sexting may be becoming a new, but typical, step in a sexual or romantic

Scientists name nasty prehistoric croc after late Motörhead frontman

LONDON — Scientists have named a prehistoric crocodile described as “one of the nastiest sea creatures to have ever inhabited the earth” after late Motörhead frontman and British heavy metal icon Lemmy Kilmister.London’s Natural History Museum says the fossil of what’s now known as Lemmysuchus obtusidens was dug up in

Playing these video games could lead to brain disease

Playing computer games may increase the risk of dementia and schizophrenia, a study found.Action games with on-screen maps to aid navigation did most harm.They caused the most damage to the hippocampus — the part of the brain responsible for orientation and memory.People who played most had a more depleted hippocampus

The world’s first biodegradable car is made out of hipster foods

EINDHOVEN, Netherlands — What’s made of sugar, can carry four people and travel at 50 miles (80 km) per hour? A biodegradable car, whose inventors say could be the next step in environmentally friendly motoring.The lightweight electric car, created by students in the Netherlands, is made of a resin derived

A real dude tries out Ryan Seacrest’s skincare regimen

Some men love their purifying face washes, beard softeners and anti-blemish masks. Me? I scrub up with whatever soap scraps happen to be in the shower. I tend to my lips only when they turn a cracked, clownish shade of red. Shampoo comes in minibottles palmed from the last casino

Countess claims art dealer shortchanged her: suit

A cash-strapped countess is suing a British art dealer, saying he shortchanged her by millions of dollars on the sale of a painting by Dutch marine master Willem van de Velde.Lesley Joan Viscountess Hambleden and her late husband William Herbert Smith — the Fourth Viscount Hambleden — asked former Sotheby’s

Amputee model proves her many doubters wrong

This amputee bombshell is beating the odds.Shaholly Ayers, a congenital amputee who was born without her lower right arm, has opened up living out her dream as a fashion model despite being told she’ll never make it.A decade ago, Ayers was brutally rejected by a modeling agency who told her

Roller-skate stilettos are an accident waiting to happen

You know that moment when something incredibly impractical comes along, but you just need to have it?Enter, Saint Laurent’s latest must-have accessory — roller skate stilettos.Yes, you heard us correctly.Three-inch stiletto heels, with a roller-skate wheel attached to the bottom and a kick-stop brake — because it’s just so easy