Gregg Popovich adds to LaVar Ball fury: He’s “meaningless’

We found another member of the LaVar Ball fan club. Spurs coach Gregg Popovich mocked the loudmouth dad for being insignificant, after his remarks criticizing Lakers coach Luke Walton have been met with sharp opposition. “Whenever anyone says anything about another individual or about the quality of another individual, or

Lakers pull out of deal with player over STD accusation

The Lakers likely were not expecting controversy from a guy that wasn’t even on their payroll yet. Intending to sign free-agent forward Jamil Wilson to a 10-day contract Wednesday, the Lakers balked on the deal a day after Wilson’s name came up in a report linking him to a

NBA teams trying to threaten media away from LaVar Ball

Lonzo Ball tried to cliche his way through an interview. Luke Walton used humor to deflect the spotlight growing on him. Rick Carlisle issued a threat to ESPN. But other NBA teams reportedly are taking the most action following LaVar Ball’s attempt to dethrone the Lakers head coach. Several NBA

Mavericks coach destroys ESPN “disgrace’ over LaVar Ball

DALLAS — Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle went ballistic on LaVar Ball and ESPN for igniting the latest Lakers controversy when the eccentric father told the website coach Luke Walton has lost the team. Carlisle said he was making the comments as president of the coach’s association when he called

LaVar Ball launches attack aiming for Luke Walton’s head

LaVar Ball can go away, but that doesn’t mean he’s gone. From 6,000 miles away, the Ball family patriarch launched an attack at Lakers coach Luke Walton, saying he has lost the team in an apparent attempt to get his son’s coach fired. Ball, speaking from Lithuania, where he has

Lakers guard splits time between jail and basketball court

Lakers guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is serving a jail sentence while still playing basketball. Caldwell-Pope is currently serving a 25-day jail sentence after he violated his probation, the Los Angeles Times reported. The 24-year-old is serving his sentence at the Seal Beach Police Department Detention Center in Orange County, California,

Kyle Kuzma just put stamp on his stunning rookie season

Kyle Kuzma is doing what Lonzo Ball was supposed to do — just without the fanfare. The unheralded Lakers rookie wasn’t the prized selection by Los Angeles in the 2017 draft. At pick No. 27, he was considered a stretch, a wait-and-see type who potentially could blossom into a

Magic, Isiah in tears during emotional reconciliation

Earvin “Magic” Johnson and Isiah Thomas will long be remembered as two of the NBA’s greatest players to have ever graced the hardwood. Johnson was the towering point guard who had otherworldly talents while Thomas was the scrappy guard who fought for every single play. The two men shared an

Kobe Bryant’s last game saved my life

Kobe Bryant helped inspire some truly astonishing feats in his 21-year career, but none are anything like Chris Huerta. The Lakers super fan was down on himself, had stopped exercising and was more than 170 pounds heavier than he is now. Then Bryant dropped 60 points in his final career

Lakers celebrate Kobe Bryant, who didn’t stick around for OT

Kobe Bryant’s celebratory night was not supposed to include overtime. Bryant and his family exited the Staples Center seconds after Kentavious Caldwell-Pope’s potential game-winner flew wide right, sending the game with the Warriors to an extra five minutes. The Warriors would hold off the upstart Lakers, 116-114, in overtime

What LeBron actually said to Lonzo in postgame huddle

LeBron James wanted to keep what he said to Lonzo Ball on the court after their game Thursday between them. He should probably know better. While James covered his mouth, as if meeting on a baseball mound, and told reporters afterwards it was “none of y’all’s business,” a hot

LeBron, Lonzo hidden convo sparks Lakers’ hope

LeBron James has spoken glowingly about Lonzo Ball this season, but he wouldn’t talk about what the two stars discussed Thursday night after the Cavaliers’ 121-112 win over the Lakers. The two were seen speaking, while James covered his mouth, after a post-game embrace. “None of y’all business,” James told

Where the Lakers are drawing the line with LaVar Ball

Trump? Fine. Women? Attack away. UCLA, Chino Hills High? Go for it. But the Lakers are trying to clamp LaVar Ball’s mouth when Luke Walton is involved. The Los Angeles front office and Papa Baller recently had a meeting, ESPN reported Wednesday, in which the team told him to tone

Knicks’ “other’ rookie point guard shined against Lonzo Ball

Lonzo Ball was the rookie point guard that the masses flocked to the Garden to eyeball Tuesday. The young Lakers stud did not disappoint. But neither did the Knicks’ guy, Frank Ntilikina. Maybe seeing the 6-foot-6 Ball, who was the No. 2 pick in the draft, revved up the

Porzingis, Ntilikina steal the Ball family spotlight in OT thriller

LaVar Ball stalked the Garden sidelines in his bright red “Big Baller” shirt and matching sneakers, and Magic Johnson lit up celebrity row with his smile. But the visitors’ Hollywood star power and gold uniforms couldn’t stop Kristaps Porzingis and rookie point guard Frank Ntilikina from lighting up the

Lonzo Ball talks the “greats,’ sets a high bar for his Garden debut

Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball traveled to New York one time before this weekend, for the NBA draft. One element stood out. “People are very strong and passionate out here,” Ball said about the attitudes of the typical New Yorker who will argue to the death over intricate philosophical points;

Kobe Bryant’s urgent advice for Lonzo Ball

Kobe Bryant will long be remembered as one of the NBA’s best players and also one of the league’s biggest competitors. The former Lakers star is famous for his Mamba mentality that constantly kept him in the conversation of the best players each and every season. Bryant debuted in the

This is the Lonzo Ball that Magic Johnson wants to see more of

PHILADELPHIA — LaVar Ball had some public criticism of the Lakers, now team president Earvin “Magic” Johnson has some advice for Ball’s son. Lonzo Ball had a strong game in the Lakers’ 107-104 upset of the 76ers on Thursday night, and Johnson pointed out that Ball should more often

Knicks finally feeling the effects of no Phil Jackson: NBA expert

Turner Sports Hall of Fame NBA reporter David Aldridge talks Knicks, Lonzo and covering Gregg Poppovich with The Post’s Justin Terranova. Q: Have the Knicks removed the laughingstock label that was plastered on them in recent reasons? A: Nobody seemed to understand what Phil [Jackson] was doing, and he wasn’t

The unsung rookies who are turning the NBA on its head

At the free throw line with 20 seconds left, putting the finishing touches on a 41-point masterpiece, Jazz rookie Donovan Mitchell could no longer contain the joy brewing beneath his cool demeanor. Suddenly, the young phenom looked like a kid on Christmas morning, grinning uncontrollably. It was a reminder that

The Lakers now have a “LaVar Ball rule’

LaVar Ball is now in the Lakers rule book. With the loudmouthed father of Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball grabbing attention away from the court, and sometimes during games, the Lakers are reinforcing a policy that will no longer allow media members to hound the section at the arena where

The predictable LaVar Ball-Lakers war is coming

A father who didn’t think a couple high school basketball coaches were qualified to coach his sons isn’t stopping with the professionals. It took less than five weeks into Lonzo Ball’s rookie season for LaVar Ball to blame the Lakers’ coaching staff for not translating his son’s talent into

Luke Walton: Lakers teammate talked to fight-bailing Lonzo Ball

Rookie Lonzo Ball is still learning the NBA ropes, which apparently includes how to respond to an on-court scuffle. According to Lakers’ coach Luke Walton, a teammate spoke with Ball about his blasé reaction to an altercation during Friday night’s game against the Suns. “Someone on our team talked with

Lonzo Ball bails on his Lakers teammates during fight

Lonzo Ball has had a rough start to his NBA career, and it probably isn’t going to get any easier after Friday night. Ball’s teammates ended up in a skirmish along the sideline near midcourt in a game against the Suns. It was the third time a minor donnybrook

Lonzo Ball now has a record LeBron James doesn’t

MILWAUKEE — Giannis Antetokounmpo scored 33 points to help Milwaukee overcome Lonzo Ball’s triple-double in the Bucks’ 98-90 win over the Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday night. Ball became the youngest player in NBA history to record a triple-double when he had 17 points, 13 assists and 12 rebounds.

Lonzo Ball’s shooting nearing a record-bad level

WASHINGTON — Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball’s cold-shooting start to his NBA career just keeps getting worse. For a change, the Washington Wizards managed to play the sort of defense that contributes to limiting an opponent’s scoring. John Wall and the Wizards managed to make a double-digit edge hold

Lonzo Ball on his brother’s arrest and why he can’t shoot

BOSTON — Lonzo Ball is in a shooting slump, and he thinks he knows where the problem is. And no, it doesn’t have to do with the troubles of his brother, LiAngelo, who was released on bail after his recent arrest for allegedly shoplifting in China. “It’s just in

Lonzo Ball, Lakers prove LaVar right this time

LOS ANGELES — Lonzo Ball and the Lakers got the last laugh on the Wizards and Marcin Gortat, who mocked the rookie on behalf of his father LaVar’s pregame prediction that his son wouldn’t lose to the Wizards. But Lonzo received a lot of help from his teammates. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope hit a

“Weak motherf—–r’: This is the target Lonzo Ball faces all season

Patrick Beverley epitomizes Lonzo Ball’s NBA challenge. The Clippers point guard had been tweeting about shutting down the No. 2 pick over a month ago. He was outside the Lakers locker room screaming curses at the rookie. “Weak ass motherf—–r. Bring his ass out on the court with me and I will