Show Dogs trailer: Watch Ludacris and Will Arnett

What do you get when a police dog goes undercover at an extremely high-brow dog show? Think Miss Congeniality meets Dr. Dolittle. A new trailer for Show Dogs shows Detective Frank (Will Arnett) reluctantly joining forces with K-9 partner Max (Ludacris) to go undercover at the “world’s most exclusive dog

Carrie Underwood is a 'Champion' in new Ludacris collab for Super Bowl

Justin Timberlake will be headlining the halftime show at Super Bowl LII (perhaps in some sort of flannel ensemble to match his new album’s purportedly country aesthetic), but it’s up to Carrie Underwood to open the show. The one-time American Idol winner has been opening Sunday Night Football for the past five

So Fast and Furious’ Vin Diesel and Ludacris are working on music together

Vin Diesel and Ludacris are back together making sweet, sweet music. The Fast & Furious co-stars and long-time pals posted a video from the music studio on Instagram on Tuesday (October 3), teasing a "positive" collaboration. "As you know, we always get together and pow wow," said Diesel. "Tonight was a little different,

Ludacris Insists His Music Career Isn’t ‘Dead’

The 39-year-old rapper/actor denied speculations that he has stepped away from hip-hop as he is just taking his time to draw some inspirations for new music. Since his major label debut "Back for the First Time" in 2000, Ludacris has been one of the most successful emcees in the

Ludacris Explains Why The New ‘Fear Factor’ Is Ludicrous

Just when you thought “Fear Factor” couldn’t get more ludicrous ... In a new exclusive clip from the MTV reboot, you can see contestants freaking the hell out at they need to escape a cage with water rushing in. New host Ludacris doesn’t help much, reminding contestants, “That water’s