The Patriots’ coaching staff is really getting raided

Bill Belichick has plenty of experience with his top lieutenants leaving for their own head-coaching positions. This offseason could deal him unprecedented turnover. No coach in NFL history has had three assistants leave in the same offseason to become head coaches elsewhere. It could happen to Belichick and the

Giants closing in on Pat Shurmur as head coach

All along, the Giants were intrigued with Pat Shurmur’s résumé, but they needed to sit down and speak with him to really know what they needed to know. After traveling to Bloomington, Minn., on Jan. 6 for an interview with Shurmur, the Giants decision-makers were impressed with what they

Rocket scientist slips away as Giants’ coach hunt clarifies

Now there are two? It looks as if the Giants’ coaching search was reduced by one candidate, with Vikings offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur and Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels very much in the mix. Matt Patricia, the Patriots defensive coordinator, “is likely’’ to become the head coach of the

Giants can’t be left at the coaching altar this time

There was an unsettling time in Giants history when they were turned down by Tom Coughlin then Dave Wannstedt, and Dan Reeves referenced his two older sisters at the introductory press conference and said sheepishly: “I was my mother’s third choice.” That was back in 1993, after the Ray

Two fallback options if Giants miss out on top coach choices

The thing about these coaching searches is that the sphere of influence radiates out from the candidates, reaching not only their inner circle but also those who are on the outside, looking in with pride and anticipation. So it is with the three coordinators the Giants are eyeing this

Giants’ hiring plan of attack going into playoff weekend

This is a tricky time for the Giants. They can look but they cannot touch when it comes to reaching out for their next head coach. And so, the Giants are fans of the Saints and Titans this weekend, as the Vikings and Patriots’ elimination from the playoffs

Giants’ coaching search is down to three

The next head coach of the Giants will be Josh McDaniels, Matt Patricia or Pat Shurmur, with no surprise candidate looming, and at this point all three are very much in the mix. Steve Wilks, the Panthers’ defensive coordinator, did not make the cut after the first round of

Where Giants stand with coaching interviews over

The first round of interviews is over for the Giants and the identity of their next head coach could be revealed in the coming days. Or, this could drag on even longer. Of course, the Giants do not need to be first, they need to be right with

The huge problem with Giants’ coaching search

So here stand the New York Football Giants at a moment of truth: Who? Who is the right man to lead the franchise back? Bill Belichick isn’t coming back. Nick Saban isn’t leaving Alabama. Giants co-owner Steve Tisch produced “Risky Business” in 1983. This is the NFL sequel. Tom Cruise was

Breaking down each Giants candidate before decision time

With the first round of interviews complete, The Post breaks down the candidates for the Giants’ head-coaching position: Giants defensive coordinator and interim head coach Strengths: Well-respected and popular in the building, a loyal employee who helped win a Super Bowl with his 2007 defense. Weaknesses: Would represent something of a

Forget about the past with these Bill Belichick proteges

You are a general manager, and you are searching for a new head coach. And Bill Belichick is not available. So of course it makes sense to interview the men who assisted him on his way to Lombardiville, the young, wide-eyed, eager gym rats unquestionably headed for greatness, who

Why Giants’ Patriots targets won’t be Belichick horror stories

Whoever coined the phrase “the apple does not fall far from the tree’’ has never sworn allegiance to the Jets, never occupied a bleacher in Cleveland’s Dawg Pound, never donned a sweatshirt of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish or Kansas Jayhawks. In the hearts and minds of the fans

Witness to the “mini Bill Belichick’: Go get him, Giants

Chris Simms saw him up close in Denver, where he was a backup quarterback and Josh McDaniels was his head coach. Three years later, Simms, as a coaching assistant in New England, got an even deeper understanding and appreciation of McDaniels. Simms’ verdict? McDaniels is the No. 1 coaching

Meet the rocket scientist who could return the Giants to glory

The game was against Albany, the duel was against its best defensive lineman, a 6-foot-5, 285-pound athlete, and Matt Patricia, center for Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, was not faring well. Not faring well at all. “We jumped out to an early lead but Matthew got smoked on the first few

Giants officially add rival’s coach to list of coaching interviews

The Giants have gotten around to adding another potential head coach to their list of candidates. They have asked for permission to interview Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, ESPN reported, and are expected to do so this weekend. Schwartz, whom the Giants were expected to interview, was the Lions

What Giants desperately need as coaching candidates leak

The manhunt for the 18th head coach of the New York Football Giants is on. At this crossroads juncture in Giants history, it is critical for new GM Dave Gettleman to Gett this one right. The perfect candidate: a leader, a disciplinarian, a man of intelligence and vision, a communicator,

Who Dave Gettleman could target for Giants’ next coach

Now that Dave Gettleman is the new general manager of the Giants, it is time to play connect the dots. The first order of business for Gettleman is finding a head coach and often, a hiring is linked to familiarity. If so, Steve Wilks is a person of interest