Platypus milk might eventually save your life

Modern medicine has done a great job at creating antibiotics to fight infection — in fact, it might be doing too good of a job. As antibiotic use has spiked over the past century or so, the potential for antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” has grown ever more frightening. Now, new research is

Here's why I'm donating my body to science

A few years ago my mother told me she was donating her body to science. I investigated why this is a good alternative to a traditional funeral. In New York, the Associated Medical Schools of New York help license whole body donation programs amongst medical colleges in the state.

Antihistamine pills may put men at risk for infertility, study says

Taking hay fever pills may put men at higher risk of infertility, a study claims.The antihistamine tablets, which cost around $10 each, treat symptoms of mild allergies such as hay fever.They control levels of histamine, a molecule produced by the immune system when facing a threat.Scientists in Argentina, who mostly

This new IVF method doesn’t involve any needles

Anyone who has been through IVF can tell you it’s a nauseating conga line of painful injections and blood draws — but not for much longer.New York’s New Hope Fertility Center this week launched its new Needle-Free IVF method, which promises the same success rates with zero injections.How does it

New research shows unexpected side effects of popular painkillers

You pop three pills for intense post-workout soreness, two for a pre-coffee headache, a small handful for period cramps, and suddenly you’re swinging by Duane Reade for a new bottle of Advil. Plenty of people pop non-opioid analgesics — a k a everyday pain meds — without a second thought.

How to derail the ‘antibiotic apoclypse’

Top public-health officials descended on Capitol Hill last Thursday to sound the alarm about a grim future without antibiotics. These life-saving drugs are losing their mojo as germs adapt to them. It’s a process scientists call antibiotic resistance.In the US, 2 million people a year catch drug-resistant infections, 23,000 die

Flu-stricken teacher’s death puts focus on antivirals

DALLAS — A Texas elementary school teacher who died almost a week after getting sick from the flu became a talking point online after her husband said she didn’t immediately fill her prescription for an antiviral drug after deeming the $116 insurance co-pay too high. While her husband told

Scientists see positive results from 1st ever gene editing therapy

A second patient has been treated in a historic gene editing study in California, and no major side effects or safety issues have emerged from the first man’s treatment nearly three months ago, doctors revealed Tuesday. Gene editing is a more precise way to do gene therapy, and aims

Kids receive new ears 3D-printed using their own cells

Scientists have successfully transplanted lab-grown ears onto five children with a serious condition that affects ear development. The children — who all suffer from microtia, which deforms the ear — now have new ears that were 3D printed using their own body cells. “Microtia is a congenital external ear malformation

Trump backs law to allow experimental treatments

President Trump on Tuesday used his State of the Union address to tout his support for legislation that would allow terminally ill Americans try experimental treatments not yet approved by the FDA. “We also believe that patients with terminal conditions, terminal illnesses, should have access to experimental treatment immediately

New York doctors desperate for high-speed flu tests

New York doctors are in desperate need of high-speed flu tests after the Food and Drug Administration banned two top brands at the height of a deadly flu season, according to a report Friday. Medical suppliers face a serious shortage of the rapid flu tests, which can detect the

Herbal remedies may interact with cancer drugs, statins and antidepressants

They’re taken by millions of people every day, but it seems that herbal remedies may be more dangerous than realised. A new study has revealed that herbal medicines including St John’s Wort, sage, cranberry and green tea may compromise prescription drugs such as statins and antidepressants. Researchers from

Mom misdiagnosed with flu battles dangerous flesh-eating virus

An Arizona woman who was misdiagnosed with the flu is battling a dangerous flesh-eating virus, according to reports. The wrong diagnosis cost Christin Lipinski crucial time treating what turned out to be a highly aggressive form of necrotizing fasciitis, according to news station KNXV. The Litchfield Park mom was treated

This exoskeleton could save disabled kids from life in wheelchairs

It was a bleak medical diagnosis for his young nephew that put the idea in Manmeet Maggu’s head to launch a startup focused on robotic exoskeletons for children. A few years ago, Maggu and Trexo Robotics co-founder Rahul Udasi were still undergraduates at the University of Waterloo. That’s when

New AI helps predict when hospital patients will die

Scientists are using advanced artificial intelligence to guess when hospital patients might die. A Stanford University research team applied machine learning technology to health records, in order to help hospitals and hospices give better end-of-life care to the terminally ill. Researchers examined Electronic Health Record (EHR) data from Stanford Hospital

My kid nearly jumped out of window while tripping on Tamiflu

A hallucinating 6-year-old Texan girl attempted to hurl herself from a second-floor window after ingesting the popular drug Tamiflu, according to a report. More On: prescription drugs Doctor accused of killing radio host wife forced to move jails amid death threat 'Oxy doc' prescribed opioids that killed man days later: cops Judge, DA

US OKs 1st drug aimed at women with inherited breast cancer

U.S. regulators have approved the first drug aimed at women with advanced breast cancer caused by an inherited flawed gene. The Food and Drug Administration on Friday approved AstraZeneca PLC’s Lynparza for patients with inherited BRCA gene mutations who have undergone chemotherapy. The drug has been on the market since

Robotic implant stretches your organs to help them heal

If you have science fiction nightmares of a robot apocalypse you should probably just stop reading right now. For those of you still here, I have good(?) news! Scientists at Boston Children’s Hospital have invented a robot that can be implanted into the body where it pulls on