Meet the Deaf-Blind Lawyer Fighting For People With Disabilities

It's easy to forget how inaccessible our world is to anyone with limited vision or hearing. Even something as simple as watching a Facebook video is a challenge due to access barriers. Haben Girma is fighting to change that. Ahead is a transcript of Haben's interview so that it's

Theresa May and Donald Trump WILL meet for talks in Davos next week

US President Donald Trump will meet Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May at the World Economic Forum in Davos next week, the White House has confirmed. The announcement comes after Trump cancelled a planned trip to London earlier this month. The President's move casted further doubt on the strength of the

Meet the gun-toting ex-military mum delighting the American right with her workouts in stars and stripes bikinis

MEET the ripped ex-military mum who is quickly becoming the darling of Trump’s American thanks to her risqué Instagram workout pictures. Named only as Infitdel, the Wisconsin-born 25-year-old vet has taken the internet by storm after serving six years in the US Air Force. And she’s a big fan of