City replaces contractor that housed homeless families

The city has ousted the contractor providing social services to homeless families housed at more than a dozen Manhattan hotels.Children’s Community Services was quietly replaced in July with Acacia Network Housing.The city pays hotels directly for rooms to house the homeless while it contracts with nonprofits to hire case managers

NYPD rescues 2 runaway teens held prisoner in “trap house’

717 Snediker Ave in East New York.Paul MartinkaTwo runaway girls from Ulster County were rescued Saturday after being held prisoner in an East New York house of horrors — where their captors intended to forcibly pimp them out as prostitutes.“THEY FOUND MY GIRL!!!!!!!!!” the father of the 14-year-old girl posted

Teen stepped on subway rider’s foot, then beat him up

This jerk toe-tally went off the rails.An unhinged teen beat-up a straphanger who confronted him when he stepped on his foot aboard a Brooklyn train, cops said.The unidentified 30-year-old victim was riding a southbound R train around 3:45 p.m. on Friday when the teen stepped on his tootsie, according to

John Gotti’s grandson is a ripped MMA fighter

Junior Gotti may claim he’s out of the mob life, but his 24-year-old son is a hit man.John Gotti III is set to make his professional mixed-martial-arts debut Friday night with a welterweight bout against Johnny “The Wild Child” Adams at the 3,500-seat Twin River Casino in Lincoln, RI.The handsome

Teen killed in gruesome three-car crash on Bronx highway

A teen driver burning rubber on a Bronx highway was killed when he sparked a horrific three-car crash early Saturday, cops said.Carlos Pereyra-Batista, 18, was behind the wheel of his 2002 Honda Accord west on the Cross Bronx Expressway between Third Avenue and the Bronx River Parkway in Tremont around

Dentist is offering kids cash for their Halloween candy

This Halloween, kids are experiencing the sweets smell of success.Days after trick-or- treating in Hoboken is over, children can cash in at Lucas Dental, on Bloomfield Street, as part of their Candy Buy-Back program.There, Dr. Robin Lucas trades each kid five bucks and a toothbrush for every five pounds of

Man snoozes beneath oblivious commuters on subway

He turned the 3 line into his own personal Zzzz train.This man catches some shut-eye underneath the seats of a 3 train on Saturday — as oblivious straphangers sit right above him as the train rumbles into the 72nd Street station.Straphangers riding the rails told The Post they were blown

Teen stabbed to death, man slashed in Brooklyn brawl: cops

An 18-year-old man was fatally stabbed, and a 21-year-old man slashed in the face during a Brighton Beach brawl Saturday.The two began scrapping with three other men in front of a 7-11 at 708 Brighton Beach Ave. at around 2:30 a.m. The teen was pronounced dead later at Coney Island

More women come forward over celeb surgeon’s “butt-botching’

Four more women have come forward to claim they are victims of the alleged Butt Butcher of 34th Street.They all claimed they underwent nightmarish cosmetic surgeries at the hands of Manhattan doctor Ayman Shahine.One woman said she was rushed to the hospital during her operation when her airway began to

Principal booted after censoring student newspaper

A Queens principal who censored his students’ newspaper has been deleted from his job.Tyee Chin was yanked from Flushing HS last week after a tumultuous two-year reign, which included a furor last spring over his refusal to publish an edition of the students’ Flushing Advocate because one article quoted a

Elderly actor’s message for seniors after violent mugging

The feisty octogenarian pummeled by a cowardly mugger in the lobby of her West Village building set aside her pain Saturday — to warn fellow seniors about the dangers they face in the Big Apple.“We are [an] easy mark. I’m short, I’m elderly, I have a cane … I don’t

Botanical Garden blocked minority kids from seeing exhibit: suit

Bigotry bloomed during a field trip to the New York Botanical Gardens, where a group of minority public-school students were allegedly kept out of an exhibit while white kids were welcomed, according to an explosive lawsuit.A group of mostly Hispanic kids from a Bronx charter school watched white students from

American Airlines let stroke victim wander into traffic: suit

American Airlines allowed an elderly stroke victim to wander away and into traffic outside JFK Airport, her son charges in a lawsuit.Marie Odette Oriental was slated to fly to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, in March 2016 but as boarding for her flight began, multiple passengers told American Airlines employees that something was

What it’s like to share a name with the most hated man in Hollywood

Sharing a name with a Hollywood producer used to get Brooklyn computer programmer Harvey Weinstein the best tables at restaurants.Now all it gets him is the stink-eye and creepy social-media messages.“I thought it was bad enough when Hurricane Harvey was flooding Houston and I had to turn on the television

Fuel tanker bursts into flames on Long Island Expressway

A fire erupted on a fuel tanker on a Long Island Expressway service road early Saturday — creating a massive wall of flames that temporarily shut down the roadway, officials said.The fire broke out around 4:15 a.m. on a service road just west of Patchogue-Holbrook Road close to exit 61,

High-ranking court official resigns amid sexual harassment claim

A high-ranking court supervisor in the crosshairs of a sexual harassment claim has quietly quit.First Deputy Chief Clerk John T. Dougherty — husband of Brooklyn Criminal Court Judge Marguerite Dougherty — retired last week from his $131,000 a year job, two months after The Post reported on an underling’s accusations

Cruel mugger pummels 81-year-old woman

A heartless mugger beat up an 81-year-old woman in her West Village vestibule Friday night — stealing her handbag and leaving her collapsed on the tile floor.Police were seeking the craven crook early Saturday, and released a building surveillance video showing the attack.In the video, the mugger — dressed all

City council member targets Eric Ulrich over ethics complaint

Queens Democratic Party officials are retaliating against GOP City Councilman Eric Ulrich for filing an ethics complaint against City Council member Elizabeth Crowley — a relative of a powerful congressman, according to sources.Sources say Crowley and her allies — including cousin Joe Crowley, a congressman and the borough’s Democratic leader

Psychiatrist who allegedly ordered sledgehammer bludgeoning pleads not guilty

see also Five years after a sensational, love-gone-wrong attempted murder — in which one Manhattan psychiatrist allegedly ordered another Manhattan psychiatrist bludgeoned to death with a sledgehammer — the accused would-be killer has been thrown in jail.Dr. Pamela Buchbinder pleaded not guilty Friday to the attempted murder of her ex-lover and

Art dealer stole millions to fund “lavish lifestyle’: DA

see also A crooked art dealer stole tens of millions of dollars from affluent clients after brokering the sales of their pricey pieces, according to the Manhattan DA’s Office.Timothy Sammons, 61, of Manhattan and London, gained the trust of art lovers selling valuable works by artists including Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall

Handcuffed suspect escapes NYPD custody

Bronx cops are searching for a handcuffed man who escaped police custody during a botched arrest late Thursday night.Officers had observed ­Arius Hopkins, 22, trying to dispose of drugs and apprehended him near White Plains Road and Arnow ­Avenue in Allerton just before 11 p.m., police said.Hopkins fled from police

MTA to add new Select Bus Service routes — in 10 years

The MTA and city will add at least 21 new Select Bus Service routes to the city – but it will take them a decade to do it, City Hall announced on Friday.“Bus riders deserve faster, more reliable service — and the growing number of riders on SBS buses has

Dozens of NYPD officers attend trial of alleged cop-killer

A courtroom in Queens transformed into a sea of blue Friday as the trial for accused cop killer Demetrius Blackwell got underway.At least three dozen NYPD officers crowded the gallery in Queens Supreme Court — which was standing-room only with even more cops packed outside the courtroom — to hear

Pastor calls out killers of elderly man at funeral

The 91-year-old man killed in a horrifying home invasion was remembered at his funeral Friday as a devout family man — and his pastor said the man’s killers “can’t hide from God.”Dozens of friends and family members filled the Hanson Place Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Fort Greene to pay their

Psychiatrist indicted in bludgeoning of baby daddy with a sledgehammer

A Manhattan psychiatrist has been indicted in the 2012 attempted sledgehammer murder of her baby daddy, The Post has learned.The indictment alleges that Dr. Pamela Buchbinder enlisted her bi-polar young cousin to bludgeon and stab Dr. Michael Weiss in the victim’s West 57th Street home office, according to sources.The two

Shirtless creep groped woman at subway station: cops

Police are looking for a shirtless creep who groped a woman as she was leaving a Queens subway station – and punched her in the face when she fought back, authorities said.The 45-year-old victim was walking down the northbound 7-train platform stairway at the 103rd Street and Roosevelt Avenue station