Fed fines 5 big banks $35M over mortgage servicing

The Federal Reserve fined five large US banks a combined $35.1 million to settle cases of mortgage servicing flaws dating back to 2011. The central bank announced the fines against Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, CIT Group, US Bancorp and PNC Financial as part of a broader effort to terminate

He pocketed my mortgage payments, now I’m homeless: suit

A “heartless crook” who left a woman and her son homeless by pocketing nearly $100,000 of their money as part of a long-running mortgage scam was slapped with charges Tuesday. Ravin Lakhram offered to help his victim modify her mortgage payments after she discovered her son had taken out a second

GOP rep pledges property tax, mortgage deduction plan

WASHINGTON – Homeowners would get a choice between deducting property taxes or mortgage interest on their federal tax returns as Republicans discuss modifications to the sweeping tax code overhaul proposed last month. “I am confident that there will be an accommodation for SALT [state and local taxes] so it won’t be

Wells Fargo now accused of unfair home-mortgage rate hikes

Wells Fargo apparently had more than one way to cheat customers who were refinancing their homes. The scandal-plagued bank’s Beverly Hills, Calif. branch routinely talked clients into paying higher interest rates in order to avoid fees for delays in processing mortgage-refinancing deals, a whistleblower told The Post. That’s despite the fact that