David Chang's Ugly Delicious: Netflix culinary docu-series clip released

Think you know food shows? Netflix is here to tell you to think again. A new eight-episode series, Ugly Delicious sees David Chang (chef/founder of Momofuku and New York Times best-selling cookbook author) travel to different countries to tackle cultural barriers and misconceptions through food. He’s accompanied on his journey by

Skylar Astin on getting animated for Netflix's Trolls series

Skylar Astin is such a troll — no, seriously. The Pitch Perfect star is taking on an animated role as Branch, the curmudgeonly troll with a secret sensitive side, in Netflix and DreamWorks’ new animated series Trolls: The Beat Goes On! He steps into a role originated by Justin Timberlake in the 2016

Netflix's Gloria Allred documentary Seeing Allred trailer released

“I think Gloria enjoys conflict,” Gloria Steinem says about attorney Gloria Allred. “That makes her a great champion for us.” Steinem is just one of the women interviewed in Seeing Allred, a new Netflix documentary about the famous women’s rights advocate who made a name for herself with her

David Harbour loves the 'Dancing Hopper' GIF as much as you do

Stranger Things fans got a taste of Jim Hopper’s dad-like dance moves in season 2, and the internet immortalized the moment in an adorable GIF that seems to be popping up everywhere. David Harbour, the man inside the tan-on-tan Hawkins Police uniform, sat down with EW to share

Netflix audiences call Friends homophobic and misogynistic

Classic sitcom Friends is now there for you on Netflix, but as the popular '90s show is watched with fresh 21st-century eyes, people are noticing that it hasn't aged particularly well. Focusing on six friends and their often-dysfunctional lives in NYC, the show made household names of stars like

Sci-fi stunner Altered Carbon releases full NSFW Netflix trailer

Netflix has released the first full trailer for its jaw-dropping sci-fi epic Altered Carbon. The ambitious drama series is set 300 years in the future at a time when human consciousness can be digitally stored, allowing people to change and upgrade their bodies. The series based on Richard K. Morgan’s

Bright sequel in the works on Netflix

This one’s for the fans and not the critics: Netflix has confirmed it will move forward with a sequel to Bright, the critically drubbed David Ayer fantasy film starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton. According to Netflix, Ayer will write and direct the sequel, with Smith and Edgerton expected

Netflix, Chris Evans, react to vote to repeal net neutrality

The Federal Communications Commision, headed by President Trump’s chairman pick Ajit Pai, voted 3-2 on Thursday to repeal Obama-era net neutrality protections. Celebrities, as well as politicians and Netflix, spoke out across social media to denounce the decision. “We’re disappointed in the decision to gut #NetNeutrality protections that ushered

The Crown recap: Season 2, Episode 5

The Crown We open episode 5 on a normal, nay average, morning scene: a man reading the newspaper over his morning cup of tea. The front page of the newspaper reveals that “a peer” of the queen has been slandering her, calling her way of speaking “a pain in the

The Crown recap: Season 2, Episode 6

The Crown We lay our scene in fair Thuringian Forest, Germany, in 1945, where a German private named Loesch is showing some U.S. troops to a burial spot. The men dig up a box full of letters, papers, and rolls of film. We later learn Loesch had hidden these

Black Mirror premiere recap: Season 4, episode 1

Black Mirror As with any short-story anthology, Black Mirror can oscillate between rapturous peaks (“San Junipero,” “Fifteen Million Merits”) and less-impressive valleys. This episode belongs squarely in the former category. Turning a riff on Star Trek: The Original Series into an exploration of fandom and the ways it gets

Black Mirror recap: Season 4, Episode 3

Black Mirror Once you understand where “Crocodile” is heading, it’s already too late. The bleakness of its ever tightening spiral has already sucked you in, and you’re just left to reckon with it and its high body count. The knee-jerk reaction would be to say that this “Fargo in

Disjointed cast perform a musical number celebrating 4/20

There’s no better day of the year than 4/20 for the owners of a marijuana dispensary! They’re so excited about the weed-smoking holiday on Netflix comedy Disjointed that they can’t help but sing and dance about it. In the exclusive clip previewing the new upcoming episodes, there’s bright colors,

Obama recalls breaking out his ‘dad moves’ at Prince concert

Former President Obama said he showed off his “dad moves” ​at a Prince ​concert ​after his daughter pulled him onstage​.​ “This was probably three or four months before he died and Prince asks Sasha to come up and dance, and she’s an excellent dancer,” Obama says in a clip

Obama Tells David Letterman Why He Never Cuts Loose While Dancing

Barack Obama knows he has to keep it low-key when busting moves on the dance floor. In a preview of his interview on David Letterman’s new Netflix show “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction,” the former president revealed the importance of subtle dance moves. “The key is what we call

Gemma Collins lands gig with THIS popular Netflix show

There’s no denying 2017 was the year of The GC and it seems this year is set to be just as big for Gemma Collins. Gemma, 36, recently confirmed she’d landed her first US job and now it’s been reported it’s with hugely popular Netflix show Orange is the

Gemma Collins lands mega deal with Netflix

Gemma Collins had an amazing 2017 and the public love her  [WENN] The Only Way Is Essex star's fall from the stage at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards before Christmas has seemingly landed her into the arms of a mega-money deal with Netflix.  Gemma has been snapped up by the streaming service after executives were impressed

Bow Down: Helena Bonham Carter Might Play Princess Margaret On ‘The Crown’

God save Helena Bonham Carter.  The “Ocean’s 8” actress is currently in talks to play Princess Margaret in the upcoming season of Netflix’s royal drama “The Crown,” multiple outlets have confirmed.  Series creator Peter Morgan reportedly has a six-season plan in place that involves new actors joining the cast every two seasons

Is Apple getting ready to buy Netflix?

They say if you can't beat them, buy them. OK, they don't, but Apple may soon establish that as a new phrase, as it apparently looks to transform its place in the video-streaming market. Reports suggest that the tech giant may be preparing to just go ahead and buy Netflix