Iran’s threat keeps on growing

North Korea’s nuclear program is dominating the headlines, for obvious reasons, but don’t lose sight of the growing danger posed by Iran’s ongoing ballistic-missile program.A number of significant developments last week alone point up the threat to world stability posed by Tehran’s missile development — which was deliberately ignored by

North Korea is even weirder — and more scary — than you know

President Trump’s decision to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un elicited a wide range of responses from experts. But one thing you hear from everyone is that the president and administration need to prepare. The North Koreans may be technologically (and morally) backward and rhetorically juvenile, but they’re also

White House: North Korea promised to dismantle its nukes

The White House said Friday that North Korea had promised to dismantle their nuclear arsenal and put an end to missile testing a day after President Trump agreed to meet with dictator Kim Jong Un.“[W]hat we know is that the maximum pressure campaign has clearly been effective,” spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee

Japan’s foreign minister regrets ouster of ‘trustworthy’ Tillerson

TOKYO/SEOUL — Japan’s foreign minister said Wednesday he personally regretted the departure of “frank, trustworthy” US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson ahead of a proposed summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.Trump fired Tillerson on Tuesday after a series of public rifts over policy on

U.S. envoy says he urged North Korea to release Americans before…

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The State Department’s recently retired envoy for North Korea said on Thursday he has urged North Korea to send a positive signal by releasing three American prisoners before a possible summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. FILE PHOTO - U.S.

White House expects North Korea summit to happen despite…

WASHINGTON/SEOUL (Reuters) - The White House said on Monday it fully expects an unprecedented meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to take place, even though Pyongyang has yet to comment publicly on the possibility. A South Korean delegation that visited North Korea last

Trump will accept invitation to meet North Korea’s Kim: White House

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump will accept an invitation to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at a place and time to be determined, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said on Thursday. U.S. President Donald Trump announces a presidential proclamation placing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports while

Long sought by North Korea, summit holds risks for Trump…

SEOUL/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - For at least two decades, leaders in North Korea have been seeking a personal meeting with an American president. Now, as a summit unexpectedly appears possible, analysts fear U.S. President Donald Trump’s understaffed administration may lack the expertise to successfully turn a political spectacle long sought

Japan PM says he and Trump agree maximum pressure needed on North…

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Friday he confirmed in telephone talks with U.S. President Donald Trump that the international community needed to continue to put maximum pressure on North Korea. FILE PHOTO - Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe attends a joint announcement with U.S. Vice

It’s not just theater: U.S. officials defend Trump-Kim meeting

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. officials on Sunday defended President Donald Trump’s decision to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, saying the move was not just for show and not a gift to Pyongyang, as one senator insisted. “President Trump isn’t doing this for theater. He’s going to solve

Trump taps hawks to prep for Korea talks

By reshuffling his team on the eve of his most spectacular foreign policy gambit, President Trump looks to be signaling that North Korea won’t get any needless concessions simply for talking. Good.National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley sent the same message Monday after briefing members of

Trump’s condition for Kim meeting is no nuclear, missile test: Mnuchin

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump’s condition for meeting North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is that there be no nuclear or missile testing, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said on Sunday. FILE PHOTO: U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin testifies before a Senate Finance Committee hearing on Fiscal Yeah (FY) 2019

Trump brags about upcoming meeting with Kim Jong Un

President Trump slammed the news media in a series of tweets that bragged about his potential meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.“In the first hours after hearing that North Korea’s leader wanted to meet with me to talk denuclearization and that missile launches will end, the press was startled

World leaders welcome planned talks between Trump and North Korea…

SEOUL/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - World leaders welcomed prospects for a possible thaw in the long standoff over North Korea’s nuclear weapons program on Friday after U.S. President Donald Trump said he was prepared to hold an unprecedented meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Trump and Kim prompted jitters around

Critics bash Trump for not listening — but offer no solutions

There he goes again. President Trump just won’t listen to those who know better.And there they go again. The smart money set is certain that this time, the sky really is falling.Perhaps those lecturing the president over his tariff plans are right that he is making a colossal mistake and

Showman Trump abandons cautious Obama approach to North Korea

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - When President Barack Obama counseled his successor Donald Trump on the global threats he should expect to face once he assumed office last year, a nuclear North Korea and its unpredictable leader were at the top of the list. FILE PHOTO - U.S. President Barack Obama (R)

Trump agrees to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

President Trump has agreed to sit-down with his North Korean nemesis Kim Jong-Un sometime in the next two months to discuss stripping hermit nation of its nuclear arsenal, it was announced Thursday.The historic meeting was brokered by the South Korean government, which delivered the invitation to the White House and

U.S. seeks ‘concrete actions’ from North Korea before planned talks

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump will not meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un unless Pyongyang takes “concrete actions,” the White House said on Friday as it faced criticism for agreeing to talks that would give North Korea international legitimacy. “The president will not have the meeting

Here’s what to look for during the North Korea showdown

After a 70-year stalemate, the high-stakes standoff between the United States and North Korea may finally be entering its endgame.President Donald Trump’s announcement Thursday that he would upend decades of diplomatic tradition and sit down for the first-ever meeting between the American and North Korean leaders blindsided foreign policy experts.Five

Search is on for the best summit site for Trump, Kim

WASHINGTON — Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev chose Reykjavik, Iceland. Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin huddled at Yalta. Dwight Eisenhower and Soviet leader Nikita Khruschev will always have Paris.So where should President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un meet up for the first face-to-face talks between a U.S.

Hillary warns about ‘danger’ of improvising on North Korea

President Trump is bringing less than a full diplomatic arsenal to nuke talks with North Korea, Hillary Clinton says.“You can not have diplomacy without diplomats,” Clinton told a Dutch newspaper during a stop in The Netherlands touting her book, “What Happened.”No details of the potential sit-down between Trump and North