Man who threatened to jump off bridge rescued by cops

NYPD officers rescued a distraught man Thursday morning while threatening to jump to his death off the Manhattan Bridge, police said.The unidentified man, who was on the Manhattan side of the span over Cherry Street, called 911 around 6:50 a.m. saying he was suicidal – but didn’t want to jump

Cop: I got fired a year before retirement — for stealing $20

A cop from a notorious Brooklyn precinct is complaining that he was treated unfairly — losing his job a year before retirement for stealing just $20.Officer Richard Arroyo, who worked out of the 75th Precinct in East New York, is suing for reinstatement, arguing that if he could be booted

ATV rider accused of biting cop to avoid arrest

A man bit a cop who tried to stop him from tearing down a Manhattan sidewalk on an ATV, authorities said Tuesday.The rotund suspect was cruising down the sidewalk on the four-wheeler when an officer spotted him and attempted to stop him near the corner of West 226th Street near

NYPD stops every bus on Fifth Avenue during Trump’s stay

The NYPD on Monday took the extraordinary step of stopping and boarding every city bus that traveled down Fifth Avenue near Trump Tower during the president’s visit.Police are also checking cars at random during his two-night stay at Trump Tower. Any suspicious bags will also be searched, sources said. NYPD

Hotel association hires ex-cop to track illegal activity on Airbnb

A hotel-industry group is breaking out the big guns to go after Airbnb, hiring a former NYPD officer to look for illegal rentals on the popular home-sharing service.Retired narcotics cop Herman Weisberg’s private security and investigation firm, Sage Intelligence Group, has been called on by ​t​he ​Hotel ​Association of New

NYPD stopping, inspecting buses amid Trump visit

see also NYPD officers will be stopping and inspecting buses that travel down Fifth Avenue when President Trump stays at his Manhattan home for the first time since taking office.Trump is expected to arrive in the city on Monday, and Chief of Department Carlos Gomez said they’ll begin checking buses at

MTA accused of storing dead bodies in employee break rooms

Stand clear of the dead bodies.“Leaking” corpses of people killed by subway trains are often brought to employee lunch rooms and other break areas inside stations, disgusted union officials and sources said on Monday.In an effort to restore service quickly, bodies are simply carted off to “whatever room happens to

Badge of murdered cop swiped from sister’s home

The treasured police badge of a murdered Port Authority cop was swiped from his sister’s Brooklyn home Sunday, the woman told police.Stacey Sala said that when she asked a male friend who has been living with her in Bensonhurst for two weeks to move out around midnight, he left —

Daughter of slain NYPD cop cuts ribbon at Dominican Day Parade

The daughter of a slain NYPD officer cut the ribbon at the start of Sunday’s Dominican Day Parade in Manhattan in honor of her mother.“I just want to say thank you to the entire Dominican Day Parade for dedicating this — something as significant as this — to my mother.

NYPD wants new headquarters for SVU so victims feel safer

The NYPD wants a new state-of-the-art headquarters for its Special Victims Unit so that women already traumatized by a sex attack don’t have to trek to the current facility in an East Harlem crime hot spot, The Post has learned.The SVU now shares space with Police Service Area 5 at

NYPD: We would have done a better job in Charlottesville

The deadly clashes in Charlottesville would never have taken place in the Big Apple — because the NYPD keeps rival protesters far from each other, local law-enforcement sources said Sunday.“We would have drawn the lines in the very beginning,” a high-ranking official said.“We put the barriers up. If they’re going

Famed NYPD dog injured on the job after fall through ceiling

A brave NYPD K-9 dog was hurt on the job after he fell through a ceiling in Brooklyn, police said.The well-known German Shepherd, Timoshenko — named after Staten Island Detective Russel Timoshenko, who was killed in the line of duty in 2007 — was inside a home on Seabring Street

NYPD cop shot cheered as he’s released from hospital

The NYPD cop shot by a crazed man in Brooklyn was released from the hospital Friday – one day after the potentially deadly incident.About 200 cheering cops at Jamaica Hospital cheered Officer Hart Nguyen, who was shot by 29-year-old Andy Sookdeo at the gunman’s Cypress Hills home Thursday.The injured 75th

“Son of Sam’ killer: I thought I was appeasing “the devil’

NEW YORK — The “Son of Sam” killer who terrorized New York 40 years ago says he thought he was doing something “to appease the devil.”David Berkowitz told CBS News in an interview broadcast Friday that he “surrendered to those very dark forces” when he killed six people and wounded

Cop shooter scrawled cryptic message on wall before suicide

The crazed man who shot an NYPD cop in Brooklyn scrawled a cryptic message on his apartment wall before he killed himself, sources revealed on Friday.“I die with a joyful heart,” gunman Andy Sookdeo scribbled in black marker, according to police sources.The deranged 29-year-old man also drew a swastika next

Slain cop’s brother says killers should never be released

More than 29 years after NYPD officer Edward Byrne was assassinated while on duty in South Jamaica, his brother argued Friday that the killers should never be set free.Lawrence Byrne, now the NYPD’s top lawyer, called upon the state parole board to keep Phillip Copeland – one of the murderers

Deranged gunman who shot cop kills himself

An NYPD cop was shot in Brooklyn by a deranged man with a rifle — who opened fire on him moments after he entered his home — and then barricaded himself inside before taking his own life, police said.Officer Hart Nguyen, of the 75th Precinct, was hit twice in the

Attempted cop-killer’s violent outburst shocks family, neighbors

The attempted cop-killer behind Thursday’s shooting in Brooklyn was studying to become an electrician — and recently bought a “nice new BMW,” according to relatives.“He was a good kid. He don’t drink, don’t smoke. No drugs. He wasn’t that kind of person,” explained David Bridgemohan, cousin of 29-year-old Andy Sookdeo.“You don’t

Cop transforms into real-life superhero for ailing kids

When he’s not serving and protecting the citizens of Fort Worth, Texas, this real life superhero is making sick kids around the country smile.For the last several years, police officer Damon Cole has used his vacation days to take off work and visit ailing kids while donning superhero costumes as

New York vacates hundreds of thousands of summonses

Roughly 644,050 summons warrants over a decade old were officially dismissed Wednesday morning across the Big Apple.The mass dismissal was for older cases involving low-level offenses, like riding a bicycle on a sidewalk, drinking in public, disorderly conduct and being in a park after dark.Four of the five boroughs simultaneously

Elderly woman, daughter died in Gramercy apartment

An elderly woman and her daughter were both found dead Tuesday inside an apartment in Gramercy Park, according to police sources.Their bodies were discovered at around 4:45 p.m., the sources said.The 94-year-old woman and her 70-year-old daughter each had health problems and were said to have died of natural causes.They

NYPD presents new initiative to protect the elderly

The NYPD promoted a new safety initiative for senior citizens and issued bracelets that can make an alarm sound if they stumble into a dangerous situation.The department’s Community Affairs Bureau launched the Senior Safe event on Tuesday and handed out anti-crime goodie bags while dispatching safety tips.Cops from the bureau

Jewelry dealer sues NYPD to get his gun permit back

A Diamond District jewelry dealer says the NYPD unfairly yanked his gun permit over the bribes-for-weapons scandal — turning him into “a classic crime victim in the making” because he “routinely carries … a king’s ransom” through the city “with absolutely no protection.” ​ Now he’s suing the NYPD to get back

Beefy cop hauls huge truck to raise mental health awareness

An Australian cop who once held the title of being the nation’s strongest man wowed officials at NYPD headquarters Tuesday by pulling two massive police vehicles as a way of raising awareness about officer’s mental health issues.Grant Edwards, a 54-year-old hulking member of the Australian Federal Police Department, managed to

Cops celebrated Son of Sam bust with boozy bash

The Summer of Sam ended 40 years ago with a boozy bash at police headquarters — courtesy of a mayoral “amnesty’’ that lifted the no-liquor policy there for just that night.David Berkowitz was sitting handcuffed and grinning like a loon in the Chief of Detective’s Office conference room on the

The police boycott of Dunkin’ Donuts is fully on

The NYPD runs on . . . bodega coffee.The police boycott of Dunkin’ Donuts is apparently heating up, as a sergeant was spotted Sunday walking into the 73rd Precinct station house with trays full of what appeared to be generic, corner-market brew.“No D&D in the 7-3,” he proudly announced.The brew-haha began Friday

Police arrest bare-chested perv accused of groping female cop

Police have arrested the bare-chested sicko who sexually assaulted an off-duty female cop on a Queens subway train.Fnu Kamruzzaman, 27, was on a Manhattan bound 7 train when he allegedly pressed his groin against the 36-year-old woman’s arm around 10:20 a.m. Friday.The officer confronted Kamruzzaman and got into a brief