NYCHA’s union problem

There’s an elephant in the room of the city’s public-housing woes that the politicians don’t want to discuss: the role of labor unions — which boost costs and make it harder to get anything done, especially off-hours.As Politico reported last week embattled city Housing Authority chief Shola Olatoye has been

Hubert de Givenchy’s greatest gift to women

The Little Black Dress was nothing short of a revolution, as liberating for women as the bikini.The LBD had been around for decades, claimed — dubiously — by Coco Chanel as her creation in 1926. It was so sensible, solid and assembly-line available that Vogue called it “Chanel’s Ford.”But it

Trump’s retreat on guns

Credit President Trump with taking some mostly sensible first steps in the gun-safety proposals unveiled Monday. But the package falls short of the “comprehensive” program he has promised.The most notable absence was Trump’s failure to support raising the age for certain long-gun purchases from 18 to 21. (It’s already 21

Disney World is proof the middle class is booming

Opening the menu at the California Grill at Walt Disney World’s Contemporary Resort overlooking the Magic Kingdom, I expected to giggle at the affordability of everything. I’m a New Yorker. Nothing out here in the sticks costs as much as it does back home, right? Instead, I found $19 glasses

Iran’s threat keeps on growing

North Korea’s nuclear program is dominating the headlines, for obvious reasons, but don’t lose sight of the growing danger posed by Iran’s ongoing ballistic-missile program.A number of significant developments last week alone point up the threat to world stability posed by Tehran’s missile development — which was deliberately ignored by

Releasing cop-killer is a betrayal to my family

We have been betrayed. Letting a cop-killer out of prison is a betrayal to police officers who are putting their lives on the line now. It is a betrayal to the citizens of the United States to let killers out among us to kill again.Herman Bell hasn’t changed. None of

Questioning the ‘final solution’ for Down Syndrome people

Iceland must be pleased that it is close to success in its program of genocide, but before congratulating that nation on its final solution to the Down syndrome problem, perhaps it might answer a question: What is this problem?To help understand why some people might ask this question, consider two

North Korea is even weirder — and more scary — than you know

President Trump’s decision to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un elicited a wide range of responses from experts. But one thing you hear from everyone is that the president and administration need to prepare. The North Koreans may be technologically (and morally) backward and rhetorically juvenile, but they’re also

Trump Wanted NASA to Fly Past the Moon and They Just Said "No"

Not many people — and certainly not many government agencies — have the opportunity to say "no" to the president. However, NASA's acting director, Robert M. Lightfoot Jr., might be living your wildest fantasy: he just outright denied Donald Trump something he requested. According to The New York Times, Lightfoot and

Tip for Cuomo: Don’t mess with the tipped-minimum-wage laws

In New York, there are roughly 200,000 servers and bartenders — together the most popular occupation in the state. It’s easy to see why: Not many other professions offer good pay, great flexibility and the opportunity to put a smile on people’s face every day. I worked as a waiter

The soaring cost of ‘affordable housing’

Mayor de Blasio’s 10-year, $41 billion plan to create or preserve 200,000 affordable-housing units is now an $82 billion plan for 300,000: Twice the price for just 50 percent more housing. And that doesn’t reflect the true costs.To be fair, those figures include what the private sector is to spend

De Blasio under oath? We can’t wait!

This could really get interesting: Mayor de Blasio may have to testify in court about his relationship with Harendra Singh, who has pled guilty to bribing the mayor with campaign contributions in exchange for special favors.And unlike de Blasio’s press conferences (where he’s claimed total ignorance) this time he’ll have

The critics are wrong about Trump’s tariffs

President Trump’s new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports are facing an avalanche of false criticism.Naysayers argue that tariffs will raise prices, spark a trade war and do nothing to bolster America’s military preparedness — the official rationale for the move.But in wartime, aluminum and steel are essential to make

Michelle Obama Just Perfectly Summed Up the Hypocrisy of the GOP

If anyone is going to expertly shred the current administration without so much as a single mention of our president's name, you can bet that it's going to be Michelle Obama. Speaking at a Sept. 22 tech conference in Utah, the former first lady answered questions in an hour-long moderated conversation

Stop, Hillary — Just stop

Hillary Clinton still can’t face “What Happened,” and it’s driving Democrats crazy. The latest: her remarks in Mumbai, India. She bragged of winning “diverse, dynamic” coastal states while accusing Trump supporters of “looking backwards,” opposing rights for blacks and women and hampering Indian-American success.Hmm: As National Review’s Jim Geraghty noted,

Collusion conspiracy theorists are going nuts over yet another obvious dead end

Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee this week wrapped up a yearlong investigation of Russian interference into the 2016 presidential election. As expected, the ensuing report found no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.And, as expected, Democrats scoffed at the findings, which will include thousands of pages

Guilty verdict for Percoco leaves Cuomo looking terrible

Make no mistake: Tuesday’s conviction of onetime top aide and longtime confidante Joseph Percoco on multiple felony corruption charges is as much a reflection on Gov. Cuomo as on Percoco himself. A federal jury found Percoco guilty of conspiracy to commit honest-services fraud and soliciting $315,000 in bribes plus a low-show

Percoco takeaway: Cuomo’s pay-to-play games fail everyone but the corrupt insiders

A federal jury in Manhattan did more than convict one-time gubernatorial uber-confidant Joseph Percoco on felony corruption charges: It also delivered a damning verdict on Gov. Cuomo’s stunningly ineffective upstate economic policies.Both Percoco’s crime and Cuomo’s policies involved giving people money to do what they otherwise wouldn’t have done —

The West finally starts waking up to Putin’s menace

At last the West is looking deep into Vladimir Putin’s eyes and telling him enough is enough.On Thursday, the Trump administration imposed fresh sanctions on 24 Russian organizations and individuals for their interference in the 2016 presidential campaign and a series of cyberattacks in Ukraine, including the NotPetya virus that

The shameful decision to parole Herman Bell

It’s hard to put into words just how appalling it is that the New York Board of Parole has ordered a onetime domestic terrorist and serial cop-killer turned loose.It’s a decision so indefensible that a former parole board chairman — now an advocate for inmates — says he was shocked.The

Republicans are in denial on their coming shellacking

Perhaps you remember the classic scene in “The Naked Gun” when Leslie Nielsen’s wonderfully idiotic police Lt. Frank Drebin stands in front of a fireworks factory that’s just exploded waving his arms and telling the jaw-dropped crowd to “disperse, there’s nothing to see here” while the Fourth of July erupts

Why are we still in Afghanistan?

“The war is over.” — Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in Afghanistan (April 2002)“I believe victory is closer than ever before.” — Vice President Mike Pence in Afghanistan (December 2017)WASHINGTON — With metronomic regularity, every thousand days or so, Americans should give some thought to the longest war in their

Don’t block the Hudson rail tunnel, Mr. President

President Trump sure seems serious about his opposition to the Gateway tunnel project — or at least, to how much he has to pay for it.On Thursday, sources reported that Trump is threatening to veto Congress’ $1.3 trillion spending bill — needed to keep the government running beyond March 23

Andrew Cuomo’s disgraceful denials on the Percoco conviction

Joe Percoco, Gov. Cuomo’s alter ego for much of their adult lives, stands convicted of taking bribes to steer work on some of the governor’s pet economic-development projects to major Cuomo donors — and Cuomo says it has nothing to do with him?Disgraceful.The idea that Percoco’s conviction is a blow

Trump’s strange trade-war bedfellow

President Trump may have lost his chief economic adviser over the trade war he’s hatching with China. It looks, though, like he gained one recruit — Charles “Smoot” Schumer.As in our senior senator and the Democratic leader in the upper chamber. Schumer this week swung behind Trump’s tariff initiative.What a