Outlander executive producer: 'We are certainly going to do' a fifth season

It doesn’t get any more definitive than this, Sassenachs! Before Sunday’s For Your Consideration: Outlander panel in Los Angeles, Ronald D. Moore said while the “usual negotiations and conversations” have been holding up a more official announcement from Starz, “we are certainly going to do it. I have no doubt we are

5 Shows to Watch If You Love Game of Thrones

We're officially in a Game of Thrones dry spell. While you're mourning the absence of your favorite series, consider diving into a new show that features a few of the same elements. Game of Thrones isn't the only series on TV that showcases characters battling with the undead — and

Outlander: Rollo the dog photo released

He may be just another pooch on TV to some people. But to Outlander fans, he’s just one more reason to look forward to season 4 of the Starz drama. The show tweeted a new picture of Rollo, the Northern Inuit dog that will play a very important companion in

Starz treats subscribers to very brief 'Outlander' teaser

It was barely enough to whet the appetite of even the mildest Outlander fan, but Starz treated its subscribers Sunday to a short teaser from season 4 that’s currently in production in Scotland. The scene is from the first episode, shot last October, that’s also featured in Drums of Autumn,

Starz CEO: Don’t worry about Outlander’s future

We all know that TV's biggest fantasy show - Outlander - is coming to an end (although we're being tortured with a year-plus wait for it), but what about the other swords and sex epics? If they wrap up as well, what are we going to do with

'Outlander' to air season 4 sneak peek

Droughtlander relief is coming…and so soon, too! To help fill the void until Claire and Jamie return in the fall, Starz will broadcast a moment from Outlander’s season four premiere this Sunday. The special first-look will be preceded by a recap of season 13. Fans are expected to see the

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Do you know someone who is obsessed with Sam Heughan and don't know what to get them for the holidays? Well then, look no further. Whether you're looking for some fun Outlander memorabilia or some sexy Sam merchandise, we've got you covered. Oh, and while you're at it,

“Outlander’ actress did not enjoy filming with a five-foot python

Caitriona Balfe has dealt with some slippery talent in her career, but nothing prepared her for the sinuous charm of Scar, the five-foot python. Billy Farrell/BFA/REX/Shuttersto The Irish actress and her one-time serpentine costar met on the set of Balfe’s Starz show “Outlander,” in which she plays headstrong heroine, Claire. “There’s a great