Make John Worboys pay back legal aid, says Voice of The Mirror

Everybody is entitled to representation in criminal cases but rapist John Worboys should be forced to repay £166,000 legal aid when he’s as guilty as sin. The property millionaire could afford it and the huge financial backing he enjoyed sits uncomfortably with the struggle of his victims to keep

More than 7,000 Brits stop Oxfam donations after charity’s sex scandal

More than 7,000 Brits have stopped direct debit donations to Oxfam in the wake of the charity’s sex scandal. The revelation emerged as Oxfam chiefs also disclosed they are probing 26 fresh claims of sexual misconduct. Seven allegations relate to workers in its high street charity shops. Yesterday under fire chief

Charity denies staff sexually abused earthquake survivors in Haiti

A British-funded charity previously supported by Meghan Markle has denied allegations its workers demanded sex in exchange for cash and food for in the wake of the devastating 2010 earthquake on Haiti. The Mail on Sunday reported allegations, claiming they came from a former employee, but in a statement

Oxfam have had their Ratner moment but they aren’t just flogging earrings

FUTURE historians will record that 2018 was the year when the charity industry had its Ratner moment. You remember Gerald Ratner. Perhaps, like me, you once bought cheap-and-cheerful jewellery from his eponymous company. Then suddenly you didn’t. And neither did anyone else. Because in an infamous 1991 after-dinner speech, Ratner wiped

Oxfam chief says backlash against sex scandal is an ‘overreaction’

Oxfam's boss has hit back at the outcry over the Haiti misconduct scandal, saying aid workers had not “murdered babies in their cots”. Mark Goldring claimed people were “gunning” for the charity over claims staff sexually exploited disaster victims. It came as Oxfam last night halted bids for state aid