Pat Shurmur gets a Giants intro date — and first assignment

Soon enough, Pat Shurmur will inherit a team that was so bad in 2017 that the coach was fired with four games remaining in a truly sorry season. On Tuesday, when Shurmur is officially named head coach of the Giants, the clock starts ticking, as he is tasked

Giants are now free to hire their next head coach

There are no impediments in place, and the path is clear for the Giants to make Pat Shurmur the 18th head coach in franchise history. Now that the Vikings are eliminated from the playoffs — routed by the Eagles in Sunday night’s NFC Championship — the Giants can hire

Giants zero in on ousted Raiders coach as next Spagnuolo

The most important hire for Pat Shurmur, once he officially becomes head coach of the Giants, is whom he chooses for his defensive coordinator, given Shurmur’s background on offense. It looks as if Shurmur has zeroed in on his top choice: recently fired Raiders head coach Jack Del

Eli Manning, Dave Gettleman had “great’ first meeting

Eli Manning and new Giants general manager Dave Gettleman recently had their much-anticipated meeting, The Post has learned, and what comes next likely will be an offshoot of what was discussed when the two were in the room together. “Yes, it was a great meeting,’’ Gettleman told The Post

Pat Shurmur can’t win this award again next season

Pat Shurmur, the Giants head coach-in-waiting, did such good work this season as the Vikings offensive coordinator that he was named 2017 NFL Assistant Coach of the Year by the Pro Football Writers Association. Shurmur, 52, helped guide the Vikings through a quarterback storm, sorting through injuries to Sam

Vikings players can’t say enough good things about Pat Shurmur

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — When you talk to the players Pat Shurmur coaches, you hear a recurring theme about his coaching style. Shurmur, the current Vikings offensive coordinator and presumptive future Giants head coach, keeps it simple for his players in an effort to allow them to play free

Carl Banks: Ex-mate Pat Shurmur will “make it’ as Giants coach

There are some things you never remember and other things you cannot forget. When a guy you used to hang with played ball in your home state, you always remember what high school he attended. So, when Carl Banks was asked about Pat Shurmur, it was not quite shocking the

Pat Shurmur’s history of turning quarterbacks into NFL stars

Pat Shurmur has spent his career grooming quarterbacks, to impressive results. Here’s a closer look from first to most recent: While working as the Eagles’ quarterbacks coach, Shurmur helped continue with Donovan McNabb’s already-ascendant development. Shurmur began coaching the Philly signal-caller in 2002 (McNabb’s fourth season) and worked with

The NFL mentor Pat Shurmur compares most favorably to

If you want a glimpse into Pat Shurmur as the new head coach of the Giants, think of a slightly younger, much less round Andy Reid. With the way they think about offensive football and the manner in which they interact with players, Shurmur and Reid are similar in

A Spagnuolo return? What Pat Shurmur means for Giants

It looks as if Pat Shurmur will be the new head coach of the Giants. What are Giants fans to make of this? Here are some answers to some pertinent questions: Q: Is this a good choice for the Giants? A: It is a safe choice, a solid choice, perhaps

Bill Parcells reveals what it will take for Pat Shurmur to succeed

There were questions about Bill Parcells when he started his Hall of Fame coaching career, and there were questions about Bill Belichick when he went the if-at-first-you-don’t-succeed-try-again route in New England. And so, of course, there are questions about Pat Shurmur, 9-23 in his first try with the Colt

Giants closing in on Pat Shurmur as head coach

All along, the Giants were intrigued with Pat Shurmur’s résumé, but they needed to sit down and speak with him to really know what they needed to know. After traveling to Bloomington, Minn., on Jan. 6 for an interview with Shurmur, the Giants decision-makers were impressed with what they

Odell Beckham sounds happy about Giants’ coach choice

Odell Beckham Jr. thinks it’s a Shur’ bet. The star wide receiver is “geeeked” in endorsing Vikings offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur, who appears to be the Giants’ choice for head coach. “God really works in mysterious ways….let the journey begin…. I’m geeeked,” Beckham wrote on Twitter on Monday. Shurmur wants the

The right choice for Giants is more than a Browns failure

Here is my favorite fun fact in the entire world of professional football as of right now: Start with the Cleveland Browns assembling an 0-16 record this year, making them the second team to ever go winless in a 16-game season, the third (adding the expansion and 0-14 1976

Pat Shurmur delivers preview of what Giants would be getting

MINNEAPOLIS — If this was some sort of audition to be the Giants new head coach then Pat Shurmur passed with flying colors. Literally. The Vikings offensive coordinator was running down the sidelines as quarterback Case Keenum connected with wide receiver Stefon Diggs on a 61-yard touchdown pass on

Vikings’ insane final play call had absolutely perfect name

MINNEAPOLIS — The play was called “Buffalo Right 7 Heaven,” which will forever be known simply as “7 Heaven” around these parts. An improbable, downright impossible miracle play that is hard to believe it actually happened. “As long as I’ve been playing this game, I’ve never seen anything like

Rocket scientist slips away as Giants’ coach hunt clarifies

Now there are two? It looks as if the Giants’ coaching search was reduced by one candidate, with Vikings offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur and Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels very much in the mix. Matt Patricia, the Patriots defensive coordinator, “is likely’’ to become the head coach of the

Giants can’t be left at the coaching altar this time

There was an unsettling time in Giants history when they were turned down by Tom Coughlin then Dave Wannstedt, and Dan Reeves referenced his two older sisters at the introductory press conference and said sheepishly: “I was my mother’s third choice.” That was back in 1993, after the Ray

Two fallback options if Giants miss out on top coach choices

The thing about these coaching searches is that the sphere of influence radiates out from the candidates, reaching not only their inner circle but also those who are on the outside, looking in with pride and anticipation. So it is with the three coordinators the Giants are eyeing this

Giants’ hiring plan of attack going into playoff weekend

This is a tricky time for the Giants. They can look but they cannot touch when it comes to reaching out for their next head coach. And so, the Giants are fans of the Saints and Titans this weekend, as the Vikings and Patriots’ elimination from the playoffs

Giants’ coaching search is down to three

The next head coach of the Giants will be Josh McDaniels, Matt Patricia or Pat Shurmur, with no surprise candidate looming, and at this point all three are very much in the mix. Steve Wilks, the Panthers’ defensive coordinator, did not make the cut after the first round of

Where Giants stand with coaching interviews over

The first round of interviews is over for the Giants and the identity of their next head coach could be revealed in the coming days. Or, this could drag on even longer. Of course, the Giants do not need to be first, they need to be right with

The huge problem with Giants’ coaching search

So here stand the New York Football Giants at a moment of truth: Who? Who is the right man to lead the franchise back? Bill Belichick isn’t coming back. Nick Saban isn’t leaving Alabama. Giants co-owner Steve Tisch produced “Risky Business” in 1983. This is the NFL sequel. Tom Cruise was

Breaking down each Giants candidate before decision time

With the first round of interviews complete, The Post breaks down the candidates for the Giants’ head-coaching position: Giants defensive coordinator and interim head coach Strengths: Well-respected and popular in the building, a loyal employee who helped win a Super Bowl with his 2007 defense. Weaknesses: Would represent something of a

Giants officially add rival’s coach to list of coaching interviews

The Giants have gotten around to adding another potential head coach to their list of candidates. They have asked for permission to interview Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, ESPN reported, and are expected to do so this weekend. Schwartz, whom the Giants were expected to interview, was the Lions

Giants expand coaching search with man behind Case Keenum

Add Pat Shurmur to the list of candidates for the Giants’ head coaching position. The Giants, according to ESPN, put in a request to interview Shurmur, the Vikings’ offensive coordinator, making him the fifth candidate as the Giants expand their list. They will meet with Eric Studesville, the Broncos’