So THAT’S Why We Look So Different In Selfies vs. The Mirror

Have you ever wondered why your face looks just a little different in photos than it does reflected in the mirror? Whether you’re examining selfies or photos taken by others, there’s always something a bit off about your appearance in pictures. The mystery hit me when I was at home one day overanalyzing

MLK’s surprising connections to NYC

Martin Luther King Jr. gave the most famous speech of his life in Washington, DC — but saved his more controversial declarations for the liberal audiences in New York. That’s what curator Sarah J. Seidman found in her research for “King in New York,” the new photography exhibition at

Never-before-seen photo shows Bonnie and Clyde before their bloody end

A never-before-seen photo shows notorious lovebirds Bonnie and Clyde locking lips before their murderous crime spree came to a gruesome end in Texas. Along with the snap of the loved-up fugitives, another rare photo shows their bullet-riddled bodies after they were each shot more than 50 times. These and other

Second Model Accuses Photographer Bruce Weber Of Sexual Harassment

A second model has come forward to accuse fashion photographer Bruce Weber of sexual harassment. Last week, model Jason Boyce filed a lawsuit against Weber, claiming the photographer sexually harassed him in 2014. Another model, Mark Ricketson, on Tuesday detailed new allegations of sexual harassment against Weber at a press conference, standing alongside

From mist covered hills to sparse deserts – incredible gallery showcasing jaw-dropping winners of Epson photography award

WINNING awe-inspiring pictures from an international panoramic photography competition have been showcased online. The Epson International Pano Awards received more than 5,300 entries from professional and amateur photographers, who sent in their best landscape snaps from 2017. Over 1,300 photographers across 71 countries participated in the competition, but it was

These Backseat Taxi Photos Are An Incredible Fashion Time Capsule

If New York City streets are runways, New York City taxis are backstage. Ryan Weideman is an artist who moved to New York in 1980 in hopes of becoming a street photographer. He took a job driving a cab to pay bills, and began photographing his passengers. Nearly 40 years later,

Fashion And Wanderlust Collide In These Truly Breathtaking Photos

There’s style envy, there’s wanderlust, and then there’s this. Moscow-based photographer Kristina Makeeva combines fashion and travel in a truly breathtaking way, photographing women in elaborate dresses in front of various mind-blowingly beautiful backdrops around the world. Makeeva shares her work with over 300,000 Instagram followers, and wrote on Bored Panda that it’s the

12 Easy Ways to Rock Your Favorite LBD This Halloween

When it comes to life's biggest wardrobe dilemmas — a relative's wedding, a job interview, running late after snoozing that alarm one too many times — your trusty LBD is always the best solution. So why should Halloween be any different? If you're not exactly willing to drop a ton

This app is the officially the worst idea ever

This could be the worst idea for an app ever. There’s no denying the age of social media has increased people’s dedication to getting that perfect snap. Whether it’s dutiful boyfriends on photo duty or the growing scourge of selfie sticks, our vanity is increasingly unbridled. But a company called ElsiePic wants

Rare photos by early NASA astronauts headed to auction

BOSTON — John Glenn was the first person to snap a photograph of Earth from outer space. Neil Armstrong took the first picture from the moon’s surface. The original prints of those are among 445 rare photos taken by American astronauts that are being sold by Skinner Auctioneers and Appraisers starting

Judge rules to uphold selfie ban in NYC voting booths

The selfie craze stops at the voting booth, a Manhattan federal judge has ruled. Judge Kevin Castel has upheld a 126-year ban on photographs in Big Apple voting booths, saying he agrees with officials from ​the state and ​city ​Elections ​Board​s​ who argued that photographs risk slowing the voting process and

Suit settled over “selfie monkey’ photo copyright

SAN FRANCISCO — Attorneys announced a settlement Monday in a lawsuit over who owns the copyright to selfie photographs taken by a monkey before a federal appeals court could answer the novel legal question. Under the deal, the photographer whose camera was used to take the photos agreed to donate 25

Model arrested for posing naked near Egyptian landmarks

This pyramid scheme landed a nude model in an Egyptian slammer. Marisa Papen found herself in hot water after being photographed at some of the most famous landmarks of ancient Egypt, Central European News reported. “The last two years I have walked wild and free in at least 50 countries. Rarely do

Photographer captures lightning zapping One Word Trade Center

Lightning zapped the spire of One World Trade Center 12 times during a powerful thunderstorm that lasted from Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning. View Slideshow Facebook Twitter Google Facebook Messenger WhatsApp Email Copy “It was incredible to witness,” said Max Guliani, a photographer who captured every strike. Guliani, 27, who pointed

How a struggling photographer became the “Duchess of Carnegie Hall’

When Editta Sherman first moved with her family to studio No. 1208 above Carnegie Hall, she was a 37-year-old struggling photographer, a scrappy naif compared with the building’s more-glamorous tenants, such as Leonard Bernstein and a young Marlon Brando. That was in 1949. By the time she left in 2010 —

Google wants to edit your photos before you’ve taken them

Apps like Camera+, Instagram and Snapchat have made it fairly easy to turn decent mobile photos into something a bit more appealing to the eye, but they’re a far cry from the retouching efforts of professional photographers. Working in conjunction with MIT, Google has built a new digital photography system

Tupac Photographer Is Suing Kendall And Kylie Jenner Over T-Shirts

The T-shirt controversy never ends.  Kendall and Kylie Jenner are facing a lawsuit over their vintage-style T-shirt collection that superimposed the stars’ Instagram photos over iconic music images. Michael Miller has now filed a copyright suit against the girls for using his photos of the deceased rapper Tupac Shakur, Billboard