The 1 Photo Printer You Need in Your Life Right Now

I've always loved taking photos. For years, much of my extra cash went toward Polaroid film; adorning every free surface of my apartment, these were the snaps that pulled on my heartstrings and evoked the fondest of memories. But I've never come across a photo printer that has really had

These Award-Winning Wedding Photos Stand Out From The Pack

The winners of the first annual International Wedding Photographer of the Year competition were just announced, and they’re pretty incredible.  A team of judges sifted through nearly 1,000 entries from 49 countries around the world; the final collection ― which consists of 96 images and three wedding albums ― represents the best of

From a stunning Swiss valley to a breathtaking Icelandic lake — here are the best shots from the International Landscape Photographer of the Year competition

THIS stunning shot of the Gorner Glacier with the Matterhorn in the distance has won Dutchman Max Rive the International Landscape Photographer of the Year competition. His winning portfolio, which earned him a £3,500 prize, also included a shot taken while travelling through Patagonia in South America. Brazilian Marcio Cabral

Stephanie Davis accuses Jeremy McConnell of ‘sending photos’

Stephanie Davis accuses ex Jeremy McConnell of 'sending her photos of her back garden' [Wenn] Stephanie Davis has accused ex-boyfriend Jeremy McConnell of sending her photos of her own back garden after she was granted a three year restraining order banning him from contacting her. The former Hollyoaks actress, who

12 Photos of the Solar Eclipse That Will Make Your Heart Swell

For just a few minutes, all across the country, people stopped, looked up to sky, and witnessed the first solar eclipse to cross North America, coast to coast, since 1918. The event made people leave their phones, come together, and appreciate a moment of beauty that won't be

Katie Price shock photos: What have you done to your face?

With their swollen faces and trout pouts, how have these celebs like Katie Price achieved their looks? Cosmetic surgeon and CMO of 
Dr MediSpa Dr Munir Somji gives Now 
his opinion… She has a penchant for plastic surgery – with nine boob jobs, rhinoplasty, Botox, veneers, and several face-lifts. But

Brian McFadden SHOCKS fans with gory hair transplant photos

Brian McFadden got very honest over the weekend when he revealed he’d undergone a hair transplant. Yup, the former Westlife singer took to Instagram on Sunday to confess that he went under the knife after worrying about his thinning barnet. And clearly pleased with the results, Brian also posted some