Pilot reveals what mystery airline terms actually mean

An airline pilot has lifted the lid on some of the mysterious phrases you hear when you're getting a flight . Patrick Smith, who runs the blog AskThePilot has posted on some of the phrases that are often understood. Smith, author of the book Cockpit Confidential,

EagleRay airplane can travel through the air and underwater

'What do you get when you cross an airplane with a submarine' may sound like the start of a cheesy joke. But scientists have combined the two vehicles in reality, in the form of a plane that can travel both through the air and underwater. The EagleRay XAV, which was

Plane is hit by lightning as it takes off from UK airport

This is the terrifying moment a passenger plane is hit by lightning as it takes off from Manchester Airport . Dramatic footage shows a mammoth thunderbolt clap and then lightning appears to hit the engine as the plane takes off. There is a huge bang as