Martin Fowler makes plans to divorce Stacey on EastEnders

Martin Fowler plans to make his separation from Stacey final tonight. During this evening's episode of EastEnders , Martin starts off the day wanting to spend time with his family. Suggesting that they take the children to watch a show at the community centre, things fall to pieces

Overjoyed mum-to-be shares why her unborn baby smiled in 4D scan

A mum-to-be has said her heart melted when she saw her unborn baby smile while still inside the womb. Jade Herb and husband Andrew had paid for a private 4D scan, after their daughter, who they have already named Olivia, remained illusive during traditional scans. Jade, 22, told Mirror Online:

Woman who went through the menopause aged 11 is now pregnant

A woman who went through the menopause aged just 11 is now pregnant, defying doctors who told her she would never carry a child. Amanda Lewis, 30, is now three months pregnant after she had IVF treatment using a donor egg. The pole dance teacher and fitness instructor, who lives

Chaos erupts after women arraigned for attacking pregnant teen

Mayhem erupted in a Bronx courthouse Tuesday following the arraignments of two women accused of beating a 7-months pregnant teen. Two family members – a man and a woman — of suspects Serenity Dunham, 18, and Tiffany Nurse, 27, were handcuffed outside the courtroom during the chaos. “I love you

TOWIE’s Chloe Sims lashes out over Kylie Jenner

Chloe Sims has lashed out at Kylie Jenner's pregnancy reveal [Wenn] TOWIE’s Chloe Sims has slammed Kylie Jenner for her decision to keep her pregnancy a secret, branding the decision "odd". Kylie Jenner opted to stay out of the spotlight during her pregnancy, and instead announced the arrival of her