Press ends ‘piegate’ feud with White House dessert party

Reporters dug into chocolate-pecan pie with White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders Thursday – ending the months-long “piegate” controversy. see also “Piegate is over!” declared April Ryan, the Washington, DC, bureau chief for American Urban Radio Networks, who blasted Sanders in November for allegedly baking a fake pie. “It’s a

GOP senator slams Trump for threats against press

A GOP senator slammed President Trump on Wednesday night for his repeated threats to revoke the licenses of television networks over negative coverage. see also Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse questioned whether Trump was upholding his presidential oath to protect the constitution by making the threats on the media. “Mr. President: Words spoken by

Organiser of Charlottesville white supremacist rally where motorist mowed down 20 protesters in Virginia is tackled and punched during fiery press conference

Jason Kessler was shouted down by critics who chanted 'shame' and 'terrorist' when he tried to explain away the deadly attack. Jason Kessler faced a raging throng on Sundaywhen he tried to explain away the previous day’s violence but was drowned out by critics chanting “shame” and “terrorist.” Unite The Right

Here’s what Mooch would have done if he kept his White House gig

WASHINGTON — Ousted White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci had high hopes for improved relationships with reporters, according to a memo posted online Wednesday. The memo list five priorities for the communications staff, including “Improve the culture” and “Fill the content void.” Scaramucci writes that President Donald Trump “can choose to fight

Get ready to see a lot less of Sean Spicer

WASHINGTON – President Trump’s top spokesman Sean Spicer will soon shift to a new role inside the White House, a source with knowledge of the situation confirmed to The Post. Spicer has stirred controversy on several occasions in his current capacity as White House press secretary, a position he has held