Wearing glasses really DOES make you look more intelligent, survey shows

IT'S official - glasses really DO make you look more intelligent, a survey has found. Researchers found one third believe spectacle wearers look more intellectual than those who don’t have prescription eyewear. One fifth also believe those who wear glasses appear more trustworthy and one in 10 think they improve

What’s REALLY going on with Amber Davies and TOWIE’s Pete Wicks?

TOWIE’s Pete Wicks has faced a load of speculation after whispers began circulating that he’s getting cosy with Love Island stunner Amber Davies. But while the stars recently denied their supposed flirting, photos have now emerged online of the stars KISSING. So it’s fair to say we’re all a little

Lucy Mecklenburgh reveals what she REALLY thinks of Mark Wright

To say things ended badly between Mark Wright and Lucy Mecklenburgh would be an understatement, but it appears she’s finally ready to forgive him. Former TOWIE star Mark, 30, is currently enjoying international success as a host on US show Extra and 26-year-old Lucy has heaped praise on the

The First Home Pregnancy Tests Were Really Something

A complicated early '80s pregnancy test is seen in Netflix series Glow. Image Source: Netflix Pregnancy tests have come a long way, baby. In ancient Egypt, women would pee on wheat and barley seeds to determine whether they were expecting. As papyrus document from 1350 BCE explained: "If the

Billy Bush Confirms "Yes, Donald Trump, You Really Said That"

Billy Bush confirmed that President Donald Trump did indeed say "grab 'em by the p*ssy," among many other unacceptable comments about harassing and assaulting women, in a searing op-ed published by The New York Times. The op-ed, published on Dec. 3, was in direct response to Trump's recent assertion

Um, We Just Found 11 Nike Sneakers All on Sale — Yes, Really

It's likely that your spending habits have recently been dominated by the irresistible allure of shopping for flats (we don't blame you — we have our eyes on, like, 10 pairs at least). And if that's the case, then you've probably also been feeling that you need to