Emmerdale hit back at Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle remarks

Emmerdale have defended Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden's reunion [ITV] Emmerdale have hit back over complaints surrounding Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden’s reunion, after Robron’s devastating split last year. Robron fans, with this being their ship name, are desperate for Danny Miller and Ryan Hawley’s characters to reconcile – after

Emmerdale: Alex Mason suspected of LYING about suspension

Emmerdale: Alex Mason interrupted a key moment between Aaron Dingle and Robert Sudgen [ITV] Emmerdale viewers have accused Dr Alex Mason of lying about being suspended from the hospital in a bid to get close to Aaron Dingle. The dishy doctor has been in a relationship with Aaron for some

Ryan Hawley’s wife Daisy: Emmerdale star’s love life revealed

Ryan Hawley, who played Robert Sugden in ITV's Emmerdale, is married to Daisy Prestes de Oliveira [Getty] On ITV's Emmerdale, Robert Sugden has a complicated love life.  And with a big reunion with Aaron Dingle on the cards for the beloved characters, they might finally get their happy ending fans

Emmerdale: When are Robron getting back together?

Emmerdale: The Robron reunion is on its way [ITV] For months, staunch Robron fans have been patiently waiting for much loved couple Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle to finally get back together. Fans have had to cope as the couple have had a stream of obstacles thrown in their way

Emmerdale’s star reveals WHY fans should stop hating Dr Alex

Danny Miller reveals he feels sorry for Alex Mason [WENN] Danny Miller reveals why Emmerdale fans should stop blasting Dr Alex Mason ahead of Robron's much anticipated reunion. For what seems like an age, staunch fans of Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle have been waiting for the popular couple to finally

Emmerdale tease fans with cryptic Robron reunion clues

Emmerdale dropped some major clues about Robron's runion [BBC] Emmerdale teased Robron fans by dropping huge clues about the pair's impending reunion. Fans of the couple have been waiting an age for the much loved couple – Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden – to get back together. And spoilers for next

Emmerdale fans CONCERNED for Aaron Dingle

Emmerdale: Alex Mason wanted to spend the day with Aaron Dingle [ITV] On Tuesday's episode of Emmerdale, doctor Alex Mason showed up in the village cafe telling boyfriend Aaron Dingle that he had time off work and they should do something.  But Aaron declined his offer and said that he wouldn't

Emmerdale spoilers: Aaron Dingle DUMPS Alex for Robert

#Emmerdale spoilers: Robert is upset when he hears Aaron has asked Alex to move in on their anniversary [ITV]  Emmerdale spoilers reveal that Aaron Dingle is finally set to dump boyfriend Alex Mason as he realises he still loves ex husband Robert Sugden. The estranged couple have been apart for

Emmerdale’s Danny Miller teases shock RETURN of character

Danny Miller has teased that a past character could be making a shock return [Wenn] For months, dedicated fans of Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden ­– affectionately known as Robron – have been praying that the estranged couple would get back together. And Emmerdale fans’ prayers have been answered as

Emmerdale star Danny Miller is cool and fit

Danny Miller kept his cool when Emmerdale won a National Television Award [ITV/Twitter] Emmerdale actor Danny Miller opted to keep things cool rather than react like the rest of his co-stars.  Julie Walters announced that Emmerdale had been crowned the Best Serial Drama at the NTAs.  And as the ITV stars jumped up to

Emmerdale’s Aaron Dingle has a ’really big decision’ to make about his future with ex Robert Sugden in Valentine’s storyline

EMMERDALE bosses have promised a reunion packed with drama for Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden. The on-screen couple, affectionately dubbed Robron by loyal fans, have had a turbulent year with storylines including jail and infidelity. Emmerdale producer Iain Macleod has teased the upcoming drama. He revealed: "Well Valentines Day is coming

Emmerdale: Fans call for character to be AXED amid Robron twist

Emmerdale: Robert Sugden tearfully gave Alex and Aaron his blessing [ITV] This year’s Emmerdale Christmas special saw Robert Sugden take centre stage after being hit with Lawrence White’s car. The episode – described as A Christmas Carol meets Groundhog Day – saw Robert wake up with different scenarios of what

Emmerdale: Robert Sugden gets run over in shocking twist

Emmerdale: Robert Sugden gets run over in shocking twist and viewers know who did it: Robert had tried to make amends with the White family [ITV] The dramatic episode saw Robert getting drunk and arguing with ex husband Aaron Dingle and his new boyfriend and doctor Alex. Having been chucked

Emmerdale: Robron Christmas special takes BIZARRE turn

Emmerdale Spoilers: Robert Sugden is stunned as he wakes up in a different reality [ITV] With the countdown to Christmas in full swing, soap bosses have pulled out all the stops to endure their festive episodes pulls in the ratings. However, Emmerdale have gone one step further as the ITV

Emmerdale: Fans lash out at Liv Flaherty over shock action

Emmerdale: Viewers lashed out at Liv Flaherty's interference [ITV] The teen is desperate for her brother to find happiness with someone other than his estranged husband Robert Sugden. So much so that she took drastic action in Monday’s episode. Liv recruited the help of pal Gerry to steal Aaron’s phone to

Emmerdale star confirms Robron Christmas special details

Emmerdale: Matthew Wolfenden has teased Christmas on the soap [WENN] Emmerdale will feature a very “different” style Christmas Day episode this year, with things taking a huge “twist”. Matthew Wolfenden, who plays David Metcalfe on the ITV soap, has confirmed Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle will take centre stage. The characters, played by

Emmerdale: Aaron Dingle sparks concern among viewers

On the episode of Emmerdale, some of the village residents made their way over to the local church for Moira Barton and Cain Dingle's son Isaac's Christening.  However, half the Dingle family failed to show up for the special occasion, including the child's father.  But soap watchers were left confused

Emmerdale spoilers: Christmas storylines REVEALED

As Christmas quickly approaches, soap watchers will be eager to know what the soaps have in-store for their beloved characters. In the past on Emmerdale, we've seen exciting plots like the murder of Tom King, Victoria Sugden – now Barton – falling through the ice to discover the body of Shane Doyle underneath

Emmerdale: When is it on Christmas Day 2017?

As Christmas quickly approaches, soap watchers will be eager to know what the soaps have in-store for their beloved characters. In the past on Emmerdale, we've seen exciting plots like the murder of Tom King, Victoria Sugden – now Barton – falling through the ice to discover the body of Shane Doyle underneath and Andy Sugden

Emmerdale: Aaron Dingle makes shock wedding confession

Only recently on Emmerdale, Aaron Dingle's little sister Liv Flaherty has been desperately trying to set up her brother with the handsome doctor who saved her life, Alex. After inviting him along to a family BBQ, Aaron decided to invite Alex over later on after realising that he wanted to move on from his estranged

Emmerdale: Aaron Dingle for shock new romance

Emmerdale: Viewers have predicted a shock new romance for Aaron Dingle [ITV] The character, played by Danny Miller, is currently separated from husband Robert Sugden. Emmerdale viewers were left heartbroken when Aaron Dingle split from Ryan Hawley's character earlier this year. Their relationship crumbled after Aaron struggled to deal with Robert's cheating, which led

Emmerdale fans hit out at soap as Robron split

On the dramatic double bill of Emmerdale, Robert Sugden – played by Ryan Hawley – and Aaron Dingle – played by Danny Miller – finally put an end to their marriage. Aaron has had a traumatic year on the soap after he was sent to prison, suffered a harrowing homophobic bullying ordeal by his fellow inmates and

Emmerdale fans DEVASTATED as Robert and Aaron leave?

Aaron Dingle – played by Danny Miller – has had a traumatic year on Emmerdale after he was sent to prison, suffered a harrowing homophobic bullying ordeal by his fellow inmates and then discovered that the love of his life, Robert Sugden, had cheated on him with former lover Rebecca White while he

Only recently on Emmerdale, Rebecca discovered that she was pregnant with Robert Sugden's baby after they shared a night of passion together while Aaron Dingle was in prison. Robert comes clean to his husband, Aaron, this week about the sordid secret after the guilt becomes too much for him. After trying to force Rebecca into an abortion,