Teen, 18, arrested after dead baby girl found in family’s rubbish bin

AN 18-year-old woman has been arrested after a dead newborn was found in the family's rubbish bin. Angelena Hamilton, of Central Valley, California, gave birth at home without anyone knowing, police said. Officers were called to her home on Wednesday morning after a neighbour reported seeing blood in a residential trash

Three in four councils collect rubbish bins just once every two weeks

THREE in four councils now collect household waste bins just once a fortnight. Six local authorities have even resorted to only doing waste collections once every three weeks. It comes despite households being hit with an average council tax bill of £1,600 after the biggest increase in a decade. Town hall

’World’s worst’ Airbnb guest leaves plush flat looking like a squat littered with faeces, rubbish and broken furniture costing devastated homeowner £10,000

THESE shocking pictures show how an Airbnb guest left a plush flat "looking like a squat" littered with faeces, urine and empty alcohol bottles. The devastated owner, model Laurie Synakowski, wants compensation after the “world’s worst” guest caused £10,000 worth of damage during the three-week stay. She took to Facebook